Social Media Auto-Post PlugIn for PHP Websites



This unique PHP compatible Social Media Auto-Post Plugin is especially created to automatically publish your important posts on your leading Social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn etc. It provides the ability to promote your website post by using its script and any third party social media API. Users can easily embed this auto-post plugin button on their individual website. Using this plugin, you can promote your messages automatically by reaching directly to the maximum audience, friends, readers and followers with a back-link. Social Media Auto-Post PlugIn can well adjust itself as per social media requirements, its posts can be customized completely, and can works well for business and community pages, profiles, groups, etc.

Supported Social Media Networks


It provides ability to automatically attach and post your deals, coupons or image post to Facebook post. Users can easily auto-post to their profile, business page, community page, or Facebook group page.


By using a third party API library, you can auto-post your website deals or posts to Instagram account.


Using a third party API library, Auto-post to your Google+ account, business page or community.


Along with a third party API library, you can auto-post your deals or post to your LinkedIn account, LinkedIn Company pages and/or Groups.


Auto-post your important message including Images to your tweets.


Using a third party API library, your messages can be automatically posted to your YouTube channel along with any attached post reference.

Social Media Auto-Post Plugin Features

Delayed or Scheduled Posting

  • Customize Delayed or Scheduled postings.
  • Tags for Message Formatting.
  • Auto-Post Custom URLs.
  • Image posts for Facebook, Twitter, You-tube and LinkedIn.
  • Old posts auto re-posting for a particular day and time.

You can start using all above features by directly installing Auto-Post Plugin on your PHP website.

Configure the Auto-post Plugin

Enter your preferred social media accounts details to promote your desired posts. Some additional steps may be needed to integrate a specific social media account with your PHP website. After adding all desired social media account details you can auto-post your new message by configuring the plugin on your website. This plugin allows users to select categories and tags, include or exclude content from auto-posting schedule, auto-repost already published post, and schedule or delay auto-post message. Overall, this plugin helps in increasing the reach of your social media posts.
It is done now!
You can start using Social media Auto-Post plugin to promote your website deal or message..
Also, you can customize or add more information to each message that is to be auto-posted to your preferred social media networks.


On completing a few steps to integrate supported social media to your PHP website, this plugin start auto-post your published message on social media. So, this plugin can be a good choice to have more control on your social media promotion efforts.

Are you excited to use this Auto-post plugin?

At TBI, our skilled and dedicated team of PHP developers and social media experts are successfully deploying it as per the specific needs of client’s social media requirements.

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