Turn14 API Integration: Case Study for Order & Inventory Sync

Turn14 API Integration

Turn 14 Distributors are widespread for their extensive range of vehicles, after-sales products, and strong partnerships with numerous brands. They offer a comprehensive solution for retailers & dropshippers in the wholesale vehicle industry. Today, we will explore how we can set up an automobile dropshipping store by utilizing Turn14 API Integration.

Turn 14 API integration enables effortless dropshipping, expanding product offerings without inventory management or fulfillment logistics. – Jon Pulli, CEO at Turn14.

For seamless integration of Turn 14 distribution APIs with e-commerce platforms, expertise in API integration is crucial. Hiring Turn 14 integration providers like us is highly recommended to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

Discover the Benefits of Turn14 API Integration

By Turn 14 distribution API integration, resellers or dropshippers gain access to an extensive inventory comprising over 1 million products from 360+ brands. This vast database empowers custom automobile e-commerce stores to meet diverse customer needs by offering a comprehensive selection of products.

Create and manage listings

Single click product listing from Turn14 to your custom developed e-commerce store.

Post orders

Send new orders automatically from your store to Turn 14.

Keep your channels updated

Push inventory automatically from Turn 14 to custom e-commerce store.

Stay up-to-date on inventory

Aggregate inventory data from all your supplies in once convenient place.

Monitor fulfillment

Automatically track orders and monitor order updates.

Product Mapping

Avoid overselling on multiple platforms by utilizing product mapping feature.

List Of Turn 14 APIs To Set Up A Custom Store

We can utilize different types of Turn 14 APIs to incorporate into our e-commerce store -:

1. Turn 14 Inventory Access

To get inventory access & product information, we can leverage the Turn 14 distribution API integration. These APIs allow us to seamlessly integrate the necessary products, along with their respective brand, price, and category.

2. Order APIs For Status Tracking 

These robust APIs provide a powerful mechanism for retrieving and updating order information, enabling businesses to effortlessly monitor the status of their orders in real time.
By integrating these APIs, companies can access detailed insights into the various stages of order fulfillment, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process.

3. Shipping APIs for Easy Shipment Management

Turn 14’s shipping APIs facilitate seamless shipment management for dropshippers. These APIs allow businesses to retrieve shipping details, track shipments, and generate shipping labels directly from their platform. 

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Case Study: Turn14 API Integration With Custom Store

Our client, who operates a dropshipping business specializing in car spare parts and accessories, approached us with a requirement to integrate Turn 14 distribution API into their store. The objective was to expand their inventory and automate essential tasks.

To fulfill their needs, we developed a custom headless solution. For the front-end, we employ React.JS and utilize Woocommerce as a back-end content management system. This enabled them to seamlessly access and manage Turn 14’s inventory directly from their store.

Following are some solutions we implemented:

1. Developed A Custom Database 

We developed a custom database to store the inventory and facilitate real-time synchronization between Turn 14 and our client’s dropshipping website. This custom database allows for efficient storage and retrieval of product information, ensuring accurate and up-to-date inventory data.

Developed A Custom Database for Turn14 API Integration

In addition to enhancing website loading speed and optimizing performance, we utilized AWS S3 to store product images. By leveraging the storage capabilities of AWS S3, we were able to offload the image hosting from the website server. This approach significantly improves the website’s loading speed and overall user experience.

2. Turn 14 Automatic Inventory Synchronization 

In order to fulfill our requirement of obtaining comprehensive product data, including images, pricing, inventory, fitment data, and more, we have employed the use of Turn 14 distribution APIs. These APIs allow us to gather the necessary information and store it within our custom-developed database.

Additionally, we have implemented various intervals for automatically fetching newly added product details to ensure that our inventory remains up-to-date.

3. Seamless Turn14 API Integration with Custom Platform

To seamlessly integrate Turn 14’s API into our client’s store, we developed a custom front-end solution and a back-end content management system. The custom front-end solution enabled them to showcase the Turn 14 inventory on their website, providing a seamless and cohesive shopping experience for their customers.

Inventory Synchronization for Turn14 API Integration

Meanwhile, the back-end content management system served as a centralized control panel, allowing our clients to access and manage Turn 14’s inventory directly from their store. This eliminated the need to navigate multiple admin panels or external platforms, streamlining their daily operations and reducing complexity.

4. Implemented Pricing and Availability Updates

As part of the Turn14 API integration, we developed a system to handle pricing and availability updates. This allowed our clients to dynamically adjust product prices and reflect real-time availability on their website.

Similarly, we utilized Turn 14’s availability APIs to retrieve real-time inventory levels for each product. By integrating these APIs into our client’s system, we were able to continuously monitor stock availability and make immediate updates on their website. This prevented customers from placing orders for out-of-stock items, enhancing their overall shopping experience.

5. Implemented Product Filtering and Search Functionality

We implemented product filtering and search functionality using Turn 14’s APIs.By utilizing Turn 14’s category and sub-category APIs, we organized the vast inventory into a structured hierarchy. This enabled customers to navigate through different categories and sub-categories, narrowing down their search to specific product types.

Product Filtering Functionality for Turn14 API Integration

Additionally, we integrated Turn 14’s search API, enabling customers to perform keyword searches. The search functionality utilized the comprehensive product data obtained from Turn 14, ensuring accurate and relevant search results for the customers.

6. Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Following the successful Turn 14 distribution API integration, we provided our client with ongoing support and maintenance services. This included monitoring the integration for any potential issues, conducting regular data updates, and addressing any technical challenges that arose.

Additionally, we offered scalability options to accommodate our client’s growing business needs. As their inventory expanded or their website traffic increased, we ensured that the integration remained robust and capable of handling the growing demands.

Challenges We Faced During Turn14 API Integration!

During the integration process with Turn14 API, we faced challenges such as the expiration of the API token after one hour. This posed a risk of disrupting the scheduled tasks or CRONs. To address this, we implemented a solution to update the token every 45 minutes, ensuring uninterrupted execution of tasks. 

Additionally, we developed separate Update Scripts for different data elements, including Price, Inventory, Items, Images, and Brands. These scripts enabled efficient data synchronization, ensuring accuracy and timely updates.

Here are some other issues we rectified:

  • API token expiration and flow interruptions
  • Synchronizing large amounts of data
  • Data mapping and transformation
  • API response time and performance optimization
  • Error handling and exception management

Similar Solutions Of Turn14 API Integration 

We have discovered a variety of alternative solutions that facilitate Turn14 API integration for seamless connectivity between Turn 14 and your aftersale e-commerce store. These solutions serve as intermediaries, enabling efficient data exchange and synchronization, allowing you to streamline your operations and enhance the customer experience.

1. Turn 14 Integration Providers For Shopify

The Turn 14 Distributor App for Shopify offers API integration for your store. For $99 per month, the basic plan provides inventory sync and order fulfillment, although it does come with some limitations.

To tackle these limitations you can Hire us, We are Shopify experts and can develop custom Apps to sync Turn 14 with your store.

2. Turn14 API Integration App for WooCommerce

This solution is designed specifically for WooCommerce, a popular e-commerce platform. It offers integration capabilities with Turn 14’s API, enabling you to import product data, manage inventory, and process orders seamlessly within your WooCommerce store. However, despite being an expensive option, there is still some lack of functionalities.

Our WooCoomerce experts can develop a custom app for flawless integration of Turn 14 with your store. 

3. Turn 14 Integration Providers For Bigcommerce

If you are utilizing BigCommerce as your e-commerce platform, the Turn 14 distributor app offers integration features to connect your store with Turn 14’s API. This integration enables the automatic synchronization of product information and inventory levels.

However, if you require a custom app specifically tailored for your BigCommerce website, our team of BigCommerce custom app developers is available to assist you. 

4. Custom Turn14 API Integration Solution

All the above-mentioned platforms come with different features, limitations, and price points, If you have specific requirements or a custom e-commerce platform, you can Hire us to develop a custom API integration with Turn 14. 

This approach allows for tailored integration to meet your unique business needs and ensure a seamless flow of data between Turn 14 and your e-commerce store.


We would like to clarify that we have no affiliation, association, or endorsement with Turn14 or its affiliated companies. Any references made to Turn14, its products, services, or trademarks are solely for informational purposes and do not imply any endorsement or partnership.

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In conclusion, integrating Turn 14’s APIs with custom e-commerce platforms offers numerous benefits, including access to a vast inventory, streamlined order fulfillment, and enhanced customer experience. 

To ensure a smooth and efficient integration process, it is highly recommended to seek the expertise of Turn 14 integration providers who possess the necessary API integration knowledge.

If you have a similar requirement or are looking to integrate your e-commerce store with Turn 14, our team can assist you. 

With our experience in API integration and expertise in connecting custom platforms with Turn 14’s distribution APIs, we can help to optimize your store’s performance and streamline your operations. 


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