Upgradation In Oracle Marketing Cloud


Recently, Oracle declared an upgradation in Oracle Marketing Cloud as industry-first innovation. This upgradation comes with new enhancements which has supposed to change the whole process of interaction between marketers and customers across channels. Upgradations are mentioned below:

  • An updated interface named ‘Orchestration Canvas’ is an up-gradation to ‘Program Canvas’ which was first marketed back in the year 2009. This revised Canvas allows marketers to orchestrating multichannel journeys for a segment of customer’s experiences.
  • Another enhancement unveiled as a Mobile App Visual Editor named ‘Oracle Maxymiser’. This tool in Oracle Marketing Cloud allows A/B and multivariate testing using a drag-and-drop interface.

ORCHESTRATION CANVAS It allows customers to move across channels and devices. With this enhancement, Oracle has improved its program orchestration with its powerful, and convenient to use interface. Features: Personalizing Cross-Channel Clients Experiences

  • Creates and manage clients experiences extended to the entire life cycle.
  • Quickly adapt to the actual behavior of customers instead of their desired behavior.
  • Consistently creates individualized cross-channel experiences that build loyalty to increase customer lifetime value.

Organize In-App Messaging with SMS, MMS, and Push mail

  • Creates personalized and behavior-based experiences of customers for Mobile Lifecycle Management.
  • Allows integrated messaging across mobile through email and web channels for a personalized device-to-device experiences.
  • Allows real-time insight and testing across mobile channels for making data-driven decisions for an optimize customer experience.

Cross-Sell, Retarget, and Recapture Messages

  • Using Program Canvas, it helps to re-target messages to clients across all digital channel.
  • Regulates transactions across the web with cross-channel consistency.
  • Enhanced targeting potential to minimize media cost and increasing ROI.

Real-Time Recapture

  • Delivers timely messaging across channels to increase conversions.
  • Triggers real-time web events for other channel actions i.e. email for browse or cart abandon.
  • Helps to drag data from web analytics for improved relevance and targeting.

Measuring Personalized and Adaptive Experiences

  • Allows customers actions on adapting individual lifecycles to dictate their experience.
  • Collects digital data to analyze the granular customers behavior to get their insights.
  • Helps to organize every interaction across mobile, web, email, and paid media from a simple, and improved canvas.

ORACLE MAXYMISER Oracle Maxymiser provides an easy and single line of code for website optimization, focusing all customer data. It allows running both a simple A/B testing and super-complex multi-variate testing to track and study customer behavior across all pathways. It helps marketers to gain customer insights by sharpening their personalized sweet spot. Features Discovering Results

  • One of a kind industry-leading testing and optimization solution.
  • Helps to optimize and measure online marketing spend.
  • An advanced platform used for multistage, multipage, dynamic and secured optimization.
  • Helps to create engaging, tailored, and seamless experiences for achieving business goals.

Always Connect with Your Marketing Data

  • Allows smooth and hassle-free integration with data management platform, web analytics or CRM.
  • Imports all stored data for first, second and third party.
  • Allows accurate personalization for an improved actionable customer profiles.

And above all, ORACLE MAXYMISER is easy to implement optimization program for better and faster results. If you have something to say related to this article, then don’t hesitate to share it with us. For more information you may contact us or leave a comment below:

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