Shipping labels are an important component of every Ecommerce business that deals with product exchange and delivery. They streamline the transit process, ensuring accurate and efficient delivery. The United States Postal Service (USPS) is a popular choice for many businesses to generate shipping labels due to its reliability and widespread coverage. Furthermore, this is exactly where the need for USPS Shipping Label API steps in.

What is a Shipping Label: Everything You Need To Know


A shipping label displays all the important information necessary for the efficient delivery of a package to its destination. It basically contains elements like postal code, country, tracking number, weight, destination address, return address and shipping method, etc.

Benefits of Using USPS Labels for Shipping

Dependable Nationwide Network

Dependable Nationwide Network

USPS to delivers packages reliably and punctually to almost every location.

Real-Time Tracking

Real-Time Tracking

Along with USPS smart label tracking there is transparency throughout the shipping journey.

USPS API Integration

USPS API Integration

Let’s buisnesses provide customers print instant labels on-demand from their website

Flexibility in Service

Flexibility in Service

Provides flexible standard shipping, priority mail & express service options for businesses.

Businesses That Use USPS Shipping Labels

  • Online Sellers and Small Businesses If you sell stuff online, run an e-commerce shop, or own a small business, USPS shipping labels are your go-to. They additionally make shipping a breeze, helping you get your products into your customers’ hands hassle-free.
  • Wholesalers, Distributors, and Manufacturers Are you in the business of sending goods to retailers or directly to customers? USPS labels are your trusty companion. They certainly simplify the shipping process, ensuring your products reach their destination smoothly.
  • Online Repair Shops If you fix things and need customers to send items to you for repair, USPS return shipping labels are a game-changer. They altogether make it easy for your customers to send you their items securely.

In a nutshell, if your business involves getting things from point A to point B, especially if your customers need to print labels, we’ve got your back.

Our Approach Towards USPS Shipping Label API Integration

If you own a business that involves shipping products to customers or receiving shipments from them, you might want to offer an easy solution for customers to generate shipping labels. Consequently, creating a shipping label can pose a challenge for customers who aren’t very tech-savvy, making it advantageous to have a dedicated page on your store or website where they can effortlessly generate shipping labels.

Hence, our eCommerce development Company has built a solution that allows your Customers to print USPS shipping labels exclusively for your business. This solution can basically, be plugged into any online platform. Let’s have a look at how we worked on it:

USPS Shipping Label API Integration
  1. Data from Website Form Sent to USPS Return Label API

    When a user fills out the form embedded in the website and submits it, information such as toAddress, fromAddress and packageDescription is passed on to the API along with the access token.

  2. Token Authorization

    The USPS Shipping Label API requires OAuth 2.0 access token in the Authorization header, using the Bearer token scheme. In order to generate OAuth credentials we created a merchant account on the business customer gateway.

  3. Capturing USPS Shipping Label API Response

    If the USPS shipping label API validates the request and API call is successful, a multipart response is generated. The second part of the response is Base64 encoded. It is converted into a binary image of the USPS return shipping label.

  4. Converting the USPS labels for Shipping into PDF format

    The USPS return shipping label image is then extracted and converted into a downloadable PDF format. User then has the option to download and print USPS shipping label. It is also possible to dowload the label later via the mail sent.

Limitations While Integrating USPS Shipping Label API

While working on the USPS API integration to generate USPS return shipping labels our expert team of developers came across a few challenges:

  • Converting Base64 label image into downloadable PDF format
  • Generating Tokens for USPS API integration

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a shipping label, and what information does it contain?

A shipping label is a crucial document for delivering packages. It generally includes essential details like postal code, tracking number, destination and return addresses, and shipping method.

What benefits come with using a USPS return shipping label?

USPS is a government-owned postal service that provides a reliable nationwide network, and real-time tracking with smart labels ensuring on-time, transparent delivery.

Who can benefit from our USPS Shipping Label API integration solution?

It can widely benefit online retailers, small businesses, wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, and even online repair shop owners who need to fetch products from customers

Can we integrate the USPS label generator with any website?

Yes, our expert team of developers can integrate the USPS label generator into any website built using any technology. You further can check out a similar Shopify solution we created.

What is the cost of integrating the USPS label generator on my website?

The cost of the USPS Shipping Label API integration solution depends entirely on the complexities and requirements of the project. You can always contact our experts to get a quote.

Our Final Words

Logistics is undoubtedly the most crucial aspect of any business. Utilizing USPS shipping labels, along with a dependable shipping label generator, can significantly aid in streamlining your shipping operations.

Small businesses, online retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers aiming to simplify their shipping processes and seeking similar solutions in technologies like Shopify, WooCommerce or Magento can connect with our eCommerce experts today!

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