Video Community Membership Site with WordPress: A Case Study


Online Video consumptions are on continuous growth in the past few years. With access to several online video platforms like Youtube, video marketing businesses are boosting. Marketingcharts forecasts a few figures regarding online video consumption for 2021:

The average daily minutes spent on video will rise from 84 to 100 minutes.

Advertising with online video will rise from $45Billion to $61Billion

Video Membership programs have allowed the service providers to reach out to their exact audience allowing them to expand their services and hence the revenues. The likes of E-learning sites and on-demand video platforms are witnessing traffic like never before.

As such, the expert WordPress development team at The Brihaspati Infotech recently built a Video Membership website for sports clubs, where club owners can add videos for selected members. Let’s delve deeper into the possibilities it can create!!

Implementing a Membership program in WordPress Site

Service providers always look around for the best ways to expand their audience. The best sports clubs can do, is showcasing the skills of their club players via online videos. Thus, they look out for a video platform that allows them to load their clips and manage its privacy. However, building a video membership site from scratch can be tricky, and equally expensive.

The client saw this as an opportunity where they offer a video management platform to the club owners. The platform works on a subscription-based model where the owners can readily upload their videos with a minimal cost being paid annually.

The platform deals at multiple levels:

  • Members: The club members who can watch and download small clips from their Club videos
  • Club Owners: The Club owners can upload videos and can control their respective club members.
  • Super Admin: They manage all the Club Owners in the model and their subscriptions.
Admin-Owner-Member access

The Super Admin can thus establish an online business with a recurring payment model. We created a membership website to offer an excellent opportunity for the local service providers to find more club owners, showcase their club matches, and alert them for the upcoming events.

To implement the same, we took the help of the Paidmembershipspro plugin. The plugin offers the desired flexibility to readily make a membership site with WordPress. It helps in introducing various levels along with all the desired features to create a WordPress membership site, like- flexibility at pricing, free trials, recurring payments, and more.

Admin can set subscription levels

The inclusion of the Paidmembershipspro plugin delivers unlimited customizations while setting up a membership site with WordPress. The ability to add subscription levels is one of them. The Admins can add custom pricing plans of their choice. They can add price, options for recurring payments, and more right from their panel. The Add New Level offers them the right flexibility to introduce as many subscription levels possible.

Subscription Level

In this case, we have two levels. The club owners are assigned a paid plan that costs €499.99 and will expire in a year. On the other hand, the members are assigned with the Free plan that doesn’t cost any.

Club owners on an annual subscription

Club owners form the center of the Video membership site with WordPress and its development. The club owners are offered an easy platform for offering their service in return for a fixed annual price to the admin.

They can ask the admin to set their membership for a recurring payment mode online or can manually update their subscription.

Club owners on annual subscription

Moreover, the club owners can cancel their membership anytime.

Club owners can upload videos

The membership website development offers an easy platform for the Club owners to upload videos directly. Just add a title, description, and load the media. The following Gif file elaborates the same:

Club owners uploading videos

The Club owners can find all their uploaded videos from the Watch section.

Uploaded videos by owner

Including club members under the Owner

Club Owners have the right to choose their members. The Club members can request the club owners for membership.

Including club members under the Owner

In the picture above, we can find 4 clubs. The member is given the option to “Request Membership”. It’s now up to the Club owner whether to accept the membership or reject it.

Request Membership

In the picture above, a club approves the membership for a club member. The member receives a notification regarding the same. With that, the member is given the authority to find videos uploaded by their favorite Club.

Video clips can be clipped by club members

Once approved by the Club owners, Club members can find all their uploaded videos. One of the best parts about the WordPress membership site is, the members can create a 14-second long clip of the club videos and save it. The following Gif file explains the same.

The tenure of the clipped videos is fixed. The platform allows the members to save clips from their favorite clubs and players.

Media Feed using OneSocial plugin

In the process of Video membership website designing, we created a media feed for the club members as well. The club members can find publicly shared clips by fellow members. The members can follow each other to find more videos of their interest. We have two different sections for the same.

Discover: Here, the members can find all the videos being publicly shared by any member on the portal. The members can hit the Follow button to find their videos directly.

Timeline: Here, the members can only find videos from members whom they follow.

Media Feed using OneSocial plugin

In the picture above, the member follows Paul. As a result, Paul’s 14-second clipping is directly delivered to the member’s Timeline.

To avail a social media like environment, we used the Onesocial plugin. It helps the site to deliver personalized content to the member’s feed. The integration a few more capabilities like,

Club members can react on video clips

The club members can react on the Video clips shared by both their club owners as well as the fellow members. The members are offered options to Like or Dislike the videos and clippings.

Club members can react on video clips

The members can also download the clips shared by the fellow members with a Download button under every clip.

Great platform for Club Owners to build their community

The Video membership site using WordPress offers a great platform for the Club Owners to create a community of followers. Apart from just the ability to upload videos from their clubs, the owners can find die-hard members to spread their club’s accomplishments. The members’ ability to create clips from the owner’s videos and further sharing it on a public space allows the owners to further expand the popularity of their clubs.

With all those direct and indirect marketing opportunities, club owners are going to benefit at a far lesser cost. They can gather a better crowd for their upcoming matches and probably a widespread acceptance of their clubs.

Our experience with Custom WordPress development

WordPress is a great platform for scalable website development. The CMS giant offers the desired flexibility to design portals with custom business needs. A large community of third party services is ready to extend a helping hand for WordPress development with business-oriented plugin solutions and templates.

At The Brihaspati Infotech, our expert developers have previously developed a SaaS application for Boat sharing syndicates where various hierarchical roles in an organization work together by staying on the same page. Much like the current project, the Membership pricing plans played a major role for the Boat syndicates.

Summing it up

Membership platforms are gaining popularity over time. Most businesses that deal with personalized content rely on the functioning of similar portals. While we effectuated building a membership site for sports clubs here, our WordPress experts are ready to customize it per unique business needs.

If your business also requires similar implementations, you can contact us or drop us an email.

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