SaaS Personal Finance Management Software – VueJS


The past five years have been truly revolutionary for businesses on and off the cyberspace. While the existing online businesses are leveraging the best of web technologies, most conventional businesses too, are relying on the cloud services for their daily activities.

According to a recent report by IBISWorld(December 2019),

The Personal Finance and Money Management software development industry revenue has increased at an annualized rate of 4.5% to an estimated $389.2 million.

Sure enough, the industry has benefited from the increasing use of online banking and the ways to manage it. The community of SaaS platform developers has therefore delivered several personal finance management software solutions for individuals as well as organizations.

Users can track the exact flow of money, can have a recorded copy of all the expenditures, can take deeper insights into the savings, and can do more in a more organized and secured platform.

On a similar occasion, the expert web development team at The Brihaspati Infotech has developed a lightning-fast and user-friendly custom financial management software using VueJS. In the process, we have developed a complete Fintech website along with a separate software platform for the end-users.

Fintech platform development for visitors and Users
Fintech platform development for visitors and Users

Let’s get started!!!

Need for Vuejs based SaaS development

There are obvious reasons for users to rely on specially designed Fintech solutions.

  • The sources of income can be multiple(Full time/Passive)
  • The number of expenditure types is several(Shopping/Loans/Services)
  • Keeping a record of all the payments

The web-based applications are further helpful at making predictions and the most efficient channels to control their money.

The client offered a similar financial management service on WordPress. The website looked average and was highly reliant on the WordPress backend, leading to slow loading speed. The client was further looking out for graphical representation of the data, which was beyond the capabilities of the existing technologies in the WordPress platform.

With a huge list of functionalities by its side and thousands of customers, the platform’s performance was seemingly depleting with time.

That is when the client needed our help. We found our solution in VueJS frontend development.

Custom Financial Software Development using VueJS

VueJS inherits the best features of React JS and Angular JS. And, it’s not just the theories. Vue JS frontend developers actually find it as the best merger of the two leading frontend development technologies. While it is basically a lightweight library like ReactJS, it does support native app development like Angular. Even being the youngest of the three, VueJS is a proven competition for both Angular JS and React JS development.

The following graph represents the growing popularity of Vue compared to ReactJS and Angular JS development in GitHub ever since their origin.

Vue vs Angular and React
Vue vs Angular and React

Source: Star History

What makes it the current leader in this popularity chart is its easy learning curve and faster implementations.

Forwarding with the development abilities of Vue.JS, we helped set up a complete SAAS platform for online Finance management. The development process was demanding. Thus we started setting one part at a time.

Intuitive Fintech Website development:

The existing platform relied on WordPress for a majority of its frontend activities ranging from making simple navigations to generate detailed reports.  The existing template involved every action button, and template element to get through the results.

With Vue.JS, things turned out to be easier. We designed the complete theme from the ground up, removing elements that had the least contribution in the process and limited the exchange of data with the backend. The result, we have a website that is eye-catchy and promises a  great user experience.

Subscription-based model

Our SaaS financial software development services offer a SaaS platform that entirely works on a subscription model. The users have a VueJS based SaaS platform to make the best of the online money management services.

The users are provided with private access credentials to the software. Users can now manage their finances on a more organized and secure platform with an added advantage of linking all the information automatically for more efficient results.

The users can get started by adding their card and bank details. The platform stores the information to analyze your transactions across all the online banking modules on a centralized platform.

Card and bank management
Card and bank management

Managing Transaction Categories

One of the best parts of our financial services software development is the ability to extend custom functions. Money finds a variety of ways to your wallet. The same applies to the ways in which it is spent. Noting down every transaction detail was something not much user friendly.

Thus, we came up with the idea of adding “categories”. Users can readily add their transactions along with the categories to have a better insight of the finances.

The transaction page keeps a record of all the transactions by the user with details like:

  • Date of transaction
  • Title
  • The amount
  • Category
  • The source of transaction
Categories in the Fintech software
Categories in the Fintech software

If we can look closely in the picture above, we can notice that the “Amount” column is multi-colored.

  • The income-related entries are in Green color
  • The Expenditure is in Red
  • The loans are marked in Black

Report generation per categories

The category furthers its ability as a tag, enabling the platform to function in a more automated fashion. This eventually allows the software to create more assorted reports and insights into your finances. The data stored with the categories are accumulated to produce a more organized sheet, more like a personalized financial report with a touch of automation.

In the gif file below, we can find a variety of reports which have been further divided based on the information they store and the kind of data the user is interested in.

Report generation on Finance SaaS Platform
Report generation on Finance SaaS Platform

Every report has complete data on income and expenditure. The report is presented with a chart preview for easy analysis. The numbers involved are shown in a tabular format. The software offers predictive reports based on current data. It has them stored under the subcategory named “simulators”.

Graphical presentation of the reports

The Vuejs based finance software development by us, offers a complete graphical-based report for finances. Users can thus take a deeper dig into their income, expenses, and a smarter insight into the savings.

The following graph displays the savings ratio achieved throughout the year as monthly assessments.

Graphical Annual reports
Graphical Annual reports

Similar dynamic charts are generated for all the reports along with their statistics.

In the process, we used the Chart.js library that enables us to generate live chats based on the dynamic data they assess. Vue.js brings this quick chart generation closer to reality with its enhanced abilities at resolving a majority of the issues by itself, saving the website from overloading while saving the customers their precious time.

The Notification component

Our financial saas development only gets better with the exclusive features offered by VueJS. Our frontend VueJS developers enabled user-friendly notifications for the users. The users can often come across these notifications while loading a page.

In the example below, the user can be seen loading the “Transactions” page. The VueJS based financial software generates notifications one after the other regarding the progress.

Notifications with VueJS front
Notifications with VueJS front

The website is fast and intuitive. The milli-seconds worth of wait is now more worthy with those popups.

Our experience with VueJS frontend development

The frontend developers at The Brihaspati Infotech have had their hands on several projects that required extensive skills for the technology. The developers were able to put things at the right place to deliver clutter-free, eye-catchy, and highly functional web-based applications for the clients.

In one of our recent blogs, we have discussed the development of a Headless Magento2 store. In the project, we had transformed the clumsy store on Magento2 into an intuitive and user-friendly storefront, leaving the users with an excellent online experience.

Our developers have extended their VueJS skills to more exciting projects like:

  • Web-based applications
  • Progressive web applications
  • Headless frontend designing

And more. Our VueJS archive speaks of our previous projects in the technology.

Much like the current project, if you too are looking for a VueJS developer for Fintech app development, you can reach out to us.

Summing up with VueJS based SaaS development

Financial SaaS development services are often demanding. More than a mere platform to make efficient cash flows, they ask for quicker data analysis and rearrangements as the user wishes.

The financial custom software development companies like The Brihaspati Infotech can help establish a user-friendly and highly functional platform with similar needs. You can contact us to discuss your project with similar business needs.