What is Google Analytics and its Features to Score High in Business ?


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By far, Google analytics (GA) is the most useful tool on the Internet to track the progress of any website. As a valuable resource GA provides all the information that help to make a better website.

Wanted to score high in your business?

There are many tools and services that help you to get more customers and to make your business more profitable. For any online business, Google Analytics can be the best tool that aims to be successful.
What is Google Analytics and its Features Google analytics is the right coach for your business to gain a good commercial success!

As for now, the service is offered for free & it can be very helpful to get data related to your customers sessions & of course, to become more profitable.

What is Google Analytics (GA)?

Google Analytics is a free service to all Googlians. It is proven to be the best in providing reliable data information about the interests of online consumers.

  • Measure & Assess scores of your marketing efforts as well as user engagement sessions by providing a centralized platform for data collection, reporting, and analysis.
  • Helps to decide, the ideal combination models to monetize your business.
There are four main components of  Google Analytics system:
  1. Data collection,
  2. Configuration,
  3. Data processing
  4. Reporting.

Components of  the Google Analytics

GA uses a small piece of JavaScript code to collect information.

This piece of code must be placed on every page of the website.

On a user arrival at a website, this javascript code will start to collect various pieces of data information, how the user engages with the site.

In brief, the javascript collects information from the website itself like the URL of pages the user is viewing, collects information from the user’s browser like the language the browser is set to, browser name, and device & operating system used to access the site & also, collects information from the referral source that brought the user to the site in the first place.

Features of Google Analytics to improve Business Score.

Google Analytics  mainly helps to analyze & generate a statistics log concerning the number of people visited a particular website. Detailed analytical data information generated by this service can be very useful for the marketers.

  • Track the number of people (traffic) visiting your website from various assisted channels i.e organic search, referral & Social Network. Also get data for new visitors vs. returning visitors.
  • Get information what a site visitors check out & how long they stay in a particular section.
  • Watch the location of a site’s visitors & other sites they have along with their activities on the previous sites, and if they completed any transactions.
  • Study all related detailed information to improve or modify products, services, website, and even whole business.

Features of Google Analytics

To improve customer’s traffic following points should be remembered:

  1. Target the products that are a hit and gives the chance to offer more of the products that catch potential customers’ attention and omit the products that are not profitable.
  2. Study what parts of site most of the visitors linger on. This part of the site is important to improve marketing.
  3. Utilizing the information about the various channels from which visitors came to a website. Advertiser can improve the traffic at the targeted site.

Know about Marketing and Analysis tools of GA.

You can advertise & promote your products on websites and mobile apps, taking help of Google AdWords, AdMob & Apps Marketplace (i.e. Google Play, App Store etc.)

Marketing and Analysis tools of GA.

Google AdWords
  • Helps advertise on the Google Search page & Google Display Network – a vast group of over a million websites, apps & videos.
  • A useful tool for promoting app in front of interested users.
  • It Helps to promote a app, as well, advertise this app in other developers’ apps.
  • It can be used as a publisher by hosting ads for other businesses within your app to generate revenue.
Apps Marketplace

An apps marketplace such as the App Store or Google Play hosts both paid and free apps for downloading. We can collect valuable data about;

  • Number of users, who download our app and from where they come. This help to understand whether users find app organically or from ad campaigns, which campaigns motivate users to app, and how to adjust marketing spend accordingly.
  • Also, understand where users drop off to purchase app in a marketplace, installing and actually opening the app.

Google Analytics Combines marketing data from AdWords, AdMob, and app marketplaces along with behavioral data, how users engage with a app, offering insights about viewers & helps to target ads better.

Google Analytics Includes analytics tracking code in the app, to collect data about each user interaction with the app during his/her active usage. It is also, referred as a “session”.

Google Analytics then organizes and processes the data from each session to generate various reports about users’ behavior.

With the data information that GA provides, user can improve and develop all his/her services to attract more customers, more sales with a higher profit.

And the best thing about GA is that most of its facilities are free to use.

So, if still you haven’t used it, you may comprise on a big part that your online business can benefit from.

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