What is Google Shopping Product or Data Feed in Product Promotion?


E-commerce industry has seen plenty of tectonic shifts in the way it works. The competition everyday shifts to another level, leaving behind all the old strategies. One such driving force that is responsible for taking e-commerce to a new level is Retail Search Intent. Retail Search Intent is the idea behind connecting customer queries with relevant product ads, and everyone is aware about how well Google handles the entire search process. Google’s ultra-successful product listing ads mechanism is now one of the premier product advertising channels. This entire program is based on Google product feeds powered by Google Shopping.

Google shopping is similar to an online shopping campaign which entirely works on Google product feeds. To access Google shopping account the retailer must be registered on Google shopping center, from where you can start your online shopping campaign.


What is Google shopping data feed?

Google shopping data feed is a compact file containing list of products and attributes associated with each of the products so that each and every product is displayed and advertised in a unique manner. Attributes refers to the unique specifications of the products, the standardized values, title, name, product id, marketing copy and other search attributes that users might search while making query.

The Google Shopping Product data feed contains your product data, so whenever you change any attribute of your product viz. name, color, title, id or category, or make any changed in the product itself you must regularly feed it to Google in order to update. This shopping feed should be sent Google merchant center every time an update is made to it. In order to submit Google product feeds, a proper file format must be followed. Google supports data feeds in two formats namely, .txt and .xml . Generally .txt format is used by most of the merchants as it is easy to create using a spreadsheet editor and requires least technical knowledge.


How your Google Shopping Product Feed must be optimized?

Optimize Information

How a product listing appear in Google Shopping results is decided by Google based on-

  • Product information mentioned in Google Product Feeds
  • Google shopping CPC bids

The first part being more important demands proper information of your products in the Google Product Feeds. The data feed should focus entirely on providing relevant product data to customers. Make sure you optimize Google Product Feed data for search optimization and search queries.


Make Google Product Feeds error free

Once the Google feed is submitted to Google Shopping, you will not be able to change or understand any error. From checking your Google Feed URL to checking all the attributes of products, everything is important. This can be checked on Google Merchant account to make sure there are no prior warnings or errors. If any, you must correct them before actual submission. Also, keep periodic checks on your feeds, they are submitted regularly or not. Google Product Feed is the major source of traffic to your e-commerce store and if Google Product feeds are not submitted on time or are not updated regularly, you are bound to lose some potential traffic.


To ensure your feed is error free, you can check it on Google Merchant center account.

Create ad groups

By making use of adwords label in your feed, you can create ad groups to track and decrease or increase product visibility based on performance.

With proper information and optimized Google product feed you can become a trusted store for users to shop from. Your e-commerce store is likely to get more traffic from fully optimized Google Product feed.

Google Shopping is a platform that gives your e-commerce store a good amount of exposure. However, if you happen to miss any important information in your Google Product Feed, it is likely to cause more harm than help.

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