What latest version of Drupal 8 Promise you?


What the heated discussion regarding Drupal 8 is all about? What are the features it claims to promise? Should we really upgrade to Drupal 8? While Drupal 8 is underway with all the latest ideas, everyone is just so excited about what it is all about. Drupal 8, with its new features and functionalities, promises to provide us with a better core, improved ease of use and simple ways to manage your content tailored to your requirements.

Before heading to any significant decisions about upgrading to new Drupal 8 version, let us get the facts clear. Let us see if the newly hyped version is worth the ballyhoo:

How latest Drupal 8 Version will benefit you?

Wake Up Call for Drupal 6 Lovers:

Yes, for all the Drupal 6 users! This is because as soon as Drupal 8 is out, Drupal community will no longer support your website. So you need to make decisions about migrating or redeveloping your existing Drupal website. You can always Reach out to us for any suggestions on that. We can suggest, and work for you in importing content from old Drupal versions to Drupal 8.

Good news for Drupal 7 Users:

And Drupal 7 users can go and stretch out on the couch because the update won’t affect your website much. Of course the ambitious ones out there might want to jump in. However, until you need a considerable re-envision of your website, importing to Drupal 8 is something we would not suggest.

The details from Drupal.org tell us that Drupal 8 will set a standard of ease with respect to almost all the functionalities and features. With initiatives like better configuration management, multilingual improvements, and responsive features, Drupal 8 is all set to make web a better place. Let’s delve into the features it has promised to deliver.

Responsive and Mobile friendly

Moving the whole drupal website into devices with small size screens and compatibility is the main aim of latest Drupal CMS. The backend administration in any Drupal 8 website would be accessible from all the mobile devices now. The responsive nature ensures ease in everything from updating content to better front-end experience in all the devices. Smarter javascript loading and improved caching are some excellent features augmenting the demands of this newbie.

Standard Accessibility

Rich internet applications control, and support for technologies like WAI-ARIA, Drupal 8 leverages top-notch User Interface and optimal user-experience to visitors.

Better Content Management Experience in new version of drupal 8

Drupal has long been questioned for its content management experience for lacking ease of use. Especially for the non-technical editors, managing content on Drupal was next to impossible. But this time the good news is accompanied by some terrific features like better management of responsive images, and editing from the front-end without scuffling with the back-end.

Better Communicative Experience

Gone are the days when you had to put every bit of your abilities to translate one single piece of text. With enhanced multilingual capabilities, Drupal 8 is ready to speak your language now! The entire language experience is made simpler and easier with even better (D8MI) Drupal 8 Multiple Initiative.

Design Improvements

In new Drupal version, a flexible template engine for PHP named as twig makes designing in new Drupal sites more beautiful. Not only beautiful, but the new theme will be more intuitive and user-friendly.

What should I do?

This largely depends upon what you intend to have on your new website. This is because every Drupal website is different, which needs to be analyzed differently. For that you need a good team of Drupal experts!

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