Wheel Pros is a leading automobile industry designer, manufacturer and distributor of branded aftermarket vehicle enhancements having a widespread market outreach with a strong partnership with leading brands. They offer numerous Wheel Pros API integration solutions to retailers, automobile parts dealers and drop shippers alike.

Our End-to-end Integration Specialist Company recently helped our client set up their retail business with Wheel Pros API integration streamlining their automobile business operations and boosting their sales with an enhanced customer experience.

Discover the Range of Wheel Pros APIs for Your Business Integration

The distributors offer multiple APIs for dealers looking forward to being a part of Wheel Pros dealerline. Let’s have a closer look at the following Wheels Pro Custom API solutions for dealers:

  • Wheel Pros authentication API enables secure authentication processes, allowing users to access their services and data securely.
  • Wheel Pros Inventory Management API facilitates seamless Wheel Pros automated inventory management. Besides, it allows users to retrieve, update, and synchronize inventory data.
  • Wheel Pros Order Tracking API helps users track the status and progress of orders placed with Wheel Pros. Wheel Pros catalog integration also provides real-time information on order fulfillment.
  • Wheel Pros Pricing API offers access to pricing information for their products and services. It further enables users to retrieve pricing data, including product prices, discounts, and special offers.
  • Wheel Pros Product Search API enables users to search and retrieve information about their products. It provides search functionalities based on criteria such as product name & category.
  • Wheel Pros Vehicle Search API allows users to search for products compatible with specific vehicles. It also provides functionalities to search for products based on vehicle make, model & year.

Wheel Pros API Integration Benefits for Dealers, Retailers & Dropshippers

With an extensive portfolio boasting over 60 elite brands and millions of products, Wheel Pros has been catering to a network of 13,500+ satisfied retailers. Following the integration of the Wheel Pros APIs, this database now empowers automobile dealers, dropshippers, and retailers.

prouct listing

Efficiently Manage Product Listings

Display product listings from Wheel Pros to your automobile website.

order tracking

Simplify Order Tracking

Efficiently manage incoming orders and prioritize shipments based on real-time data.

pricing updated

Keep Your Pricing Updated

Retrieve updated pricing data and sync on your website keeping customers updated.

inventory management

Automated Inventory Management

Aggregate inventory data from all your supplies in one convenient place.

Wheel Pros API Integration For Wheel Pros Dealerline – Our Approach

Recently our Ecommerce development company got a chance to partner with a leading automobile dealer who wanted to be a part of the Wheel Pros Dealerline and needed to integrate Wheel Pros integration API on two of his websites:

wheels pro API integration steps

— Extreme Wheels
Multi-vendor site, Developed in WooCommerce
— Extreme Performance
Multi-vendor site Developed in React js and Node js
Let’s find out how we successfully integrated the Wheel Pros integration API for our client:

  1. Wheel Pros API authentication and integration

    In order to use the multiple Wheel Pros APIS we had to first get the authentication access token via Wheel pros authentication API. After successfully getting the authentication we further utilized:

    Wheel Pros API authentication and integration

    — Wheel Pros Inventory management API to maintain accurate stock levels. It prevented situations where customers would place an order for a product that was no longer available.

    — Wheel Pros Order Tracking API to effectively track orders placed for products on the website. Then further, coordinating it with products available on the source website.

    — Wheel Pros Pricing API to receive MSRP, MAP, and optionally net invoice pricing for one or more part numbers

  2. Custom Database Creation for Storing Products Data

    Custom Database Creation

    We had bulk product data coming in from multiple vendors through the API on the Extreme Wheels and Xtreme Performance websites. Uploading the data directly from the source onto the websites might put an unnecessary load on them. Hence, we created a separate custom database to store the data coming from different Wheel Pros integration APIs.

  3. Capturing the Response of Wheel Pros Integration API

    Capturing the Response of Wheel Pros Integration

    Firstly, if the Wheel Pros Integration API validates the request and the API call is successful. Then a JSON response file is generated. This was converted into CSV format and further updated into the Custom Database. This product data was then updated and synced on the websites of Xtreme Wheels and Xtreme Performance. It is done with the help of regular CRON triggers.

  4. Support & Maintenance for Wheel Pros API Integration

    After completing the successful integration of the Wheel Pros API, we continued to support and maintain our client’s system. This involved monitoring the integration for any issues, performing routine data updates, and resolving any technical difficulties that arose.

    Support & Maintenance for Wheel Pros API Integration

    Furthermore, we provided scalability options to meet the evolving needs of our client’s business. Whether their inventory expanded, or their website traffic grew, we ensured that the integration remained reliable and capable of handling increased demands.

Overcoming Common Challenges in Wheel Pros API Integration

Wheel pros integration challenges

Even though integrating the Wheel Pros API into the two websites was successful. There were some challenges that we faced while implementing Wheel Pros API integration.

  • Handling a Bulk Product Data Feed: The product data was coming in from multiple vendors through the Wheel Pros API. Handling this influx of data required careful organization and processing.
  • Managing Responses Coming in from Multiple APIs: Another challenge we encountered was managing responses from multiple APIs. Each API offered different sets of data and functionalities.
  • Keeping the Inventory Up to Date & Syncing Price Updates: Ensured that the client’s website reflected real-time Wheel Pros’ APIs. We also ensured that the customers always had accurate pricing information.

Who Should Tap With Wheel Pros API Integration?

Whether you’re an established automobile dealer, a dropshipper, or a retailer in the aftermarket vehicle enhancement industry. Integrating Wheel Pros API can significantly streamline your operations. If you are dealing with a diverse range of branded aftermarket products. Leveraging Wheel Pros API integration can help you boost your sales significantly. Whether you operate your business on Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento. Here are specific professionals who stand to benefit:

Who Should Tap With

Automobile Dealers: Those looking to expand their product offerings and provide customers with a broader selection of aftermarket vehicle enhancements.

Dropshippers: Businesses seeking to simplify their supply chain management by aggregating inventory data from multiple suppliers into one centralized platform.

Retailers: Those aiming to enhance their customer experience by offering real-time order tracking and up-to-date pricing information.

Multi-Vendor Websites: Businesses running multi-vendor websites can benefit from Wheel Pros API integration to effectively manage product listings and synchronize inventory data from various suppliers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wheel Pros and what does it do?

Wheel Pros is a leading automobile industry designer, manufacturer and distributor of branded aftermarket vehicle enhancements providing retailers, dropshippers and dealers with automobile products.

What are Wheel pros API integration benefits for dealers and retailers?

Wheel Pros API integration empowers dealers and retailers by providing access to a comprehensive selection of products, efficient order tracking, and automated inventory management.

How did you manage responses from multiple APIs offered?

We focused on meticulous coordination and handling to provide a smooth user experience and designed a custom database to store the product data coming in from various APIs.

What support and maintenance services were provided post-integration?

Our team of expert developers offered ongoing support, including monitoring for issues, routine data updates, and resolving technical difficulties to ensure the integration remained reliable and scalable.

Can you explain the process of capturing responses from the Wheel Pros Integration API?

Upon successful validation of requests, JSON response files were generated, converted into CSV format, and updated into a custom database, ensuring accurate product data updates.

Are the Wheel Pros APIs suitable for merchants of all sizes?

Yes, Wheel Pros APIs integration caters to merchants of all sizes, offering scalable solutions to meet the diverse needs of small, medium, and large-scale automobile businesses.

Can you customize Wheel Pros API integration according to the requirements of merchants?

Yes, you can contact our team of experts with your requirements regarding Wheel Pros API integration to align with their specific business requirements, and we will ensure a tailored solution that meets their unique needs and objectives.

How much can Wheel Pros API integration cost?

The cost depends upon the complexity and approach taken to integrate the Wheel Pros APIs into a particular website, you can contact our team of experts to know the exact price.

How did you handle the website load and safety?

Careful organization and processing of data were necessary to ensure seamless integration without compromising website performance or data integrity while adding products from the source website.

Our Final Words

To conclude, the integration of Wheel Pros APIs offers numerous advantages for retailers, dropshippers, and distributors in the automobile industry. These custom API solutions for dealers enable access to a vast inventory and enhance the overall customer experience.

If you’re considering Wheel Pros API integration for your business, we encourage you to reach out to our team. With our experience and expertise in API integration, our Custom plugin development company can help optimize your store’s performance and streamline your operations, giving you a competitive edge in the automobile industry.

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