Keep Your Inventory Sync – Woocommerce Integration with Lightspeed POS


Omni-channel business models are not new to the market. With giants like Amazon and Walmart competing, other retailers are seeking better ways to channelize omnipresence on their niche. 

According to Invescpro, companies with an omnichannel customer engagement retain around 89% of their customers compared to a mere 33% for companies with inefficient omnipresence.

As the leaders in eCommerce development, The Brihaspati Infotech was recently approached by a client for channelizing Dropshipping business. For which they needed our help at integrating Lightspeed retail with Woocommerce.

In this blog, we will discuss the implementation of Lightspeed Retail integration with Woocommerce by our expert Woocommerce development agency.

Client Requirements

The client was seeking help for online presence where the website fetches products from Lightspeed retail i.e. Woocommerce integration with Lightspeed. Additionally, they wanted to develop a website for their online store with a light-weight theme that supports all eCommerce functionalities.

Our Approach

WooCommerce is a synonym for WordPress eCommerce ever since it has been taken over by the parent company Automattic. However, the eCommerce platform provider hasn’t merged with the CMS giant and continues to dominate only in eCommerce services much the way Shopify and Bigcommerce do.

After listening to our client’s requirements carefully, we jotted down our milestones as follows:

1. Developing a light-weight theme enabled with all eCommerce functionalities.
2. Setting up advanced filtering option within Woocommerce store.
3. Woocommerce Integration with Lightspeed – Fetching products from Lightspeed & complete synchronization of inventory across both.

Developing a custom theme for the WooCommerce store

We projected the final design of the website as an ideal eCommerce website. For the same, we had the option to choose a theme among several ready-made product showcase themes across third party theme designers like Themeforest. However, we chosen for a customized theme that neatly lines up with our WooCommerce backend. 

We came up with a theme layout designed right from the ground up which limits the overall theme to the “minimalist” approach. We eliminated everything that would clutter with large quantities in the longer run. The final layout is left with highly usable options surrounded by a neat and tidy background.

Custom wordpress theme development

The tailor-made layout aligns the store in more than one ways:

-> Point of contacts are pitched at the top of every page
-> A smooth page navigation
-> The products are showcased right
-> Well organized categories
-> Forms the perfect layout to showcase products from the product page

Advanced filter in the custom Woocommerce website development 

Woocommerce offers a good number of handy plugins that help to sort the store and the products in a much organized way. To help the customers find the right products, we added categories and custom filters that have an immediate effect on the product catalog. The following GIF explains the part pretty well:

Advanced filtering Option

Every filter is further customized to render better results. The following picture displays the same where we have further explored the “Price” filter. The functional slider at the right corner of this panel is reflected in the storefront.

Price filtering option

Woocomerce Integration with Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed is a known name for omnichannel retail businesses. The brand is known for its products serving merchants at the physical stores as well as on e-shops. The multichannel cloud-based POS solution provider can be utilized by merchants to generate a recurring revenue model with more ease.

With WooCommerce integration with Lightspeed Retail, the eCommerce platform can extract product details from the Lightspeed retail storage. The APIs allow the platform to exchange every piece of information related to the product like:

-> Name
-> Price
-> Product description
-> SKU
-> Regular price
-> Sale price
-> Dimensions
-> Stock quantity
-> Images

Lightspeed retail software is the house for in-store products which can be migrated to the WooCommerce website front with this plugin. While the custom WooCommerce website handles the shoppers and payments, the WooCommerce Lightspeed POS plugin manages the products and shares them on the storefront.

The following flowchart explains the working of the WooCommerce Lightspeed integration in details:

FlowChart - Lightspeed Integration with Woocommerce

Challenges faced while integrating Lightspeed retail with WooCommerce

We have previously talked on how Lightspeed integration allows the merchants to sync product information with WooCommerce. This goes without saying that the plugin eventually mirrors down every piece of data across the platforms. However, the order details still failed to sync. It was obvious as the Lightspeed retail WooCommerce plugin was limited to sync just the product details and not their activities.

Kosmos eSync plugin helped us to synchronize order details between WooCommerce and Lightspeed. The plugin plays as a middle-man between both the platforms saving the merchants from reselling products and manually updating quantities from the inventory.

Our experience with eCommerce development

The Brihaspati Infotech has recently been recognized as the top-rated eCommerce development agency by Clutch. The recognition itself speaks of the efforts we have put on the development of eCommerce businesses and the processes in their verticals. 

In these 9+ years of experience, we have served several eCommerce brands and have closely analyzed their models and requirements. The experience has eventually helped us circumnavigate the possible challenges beforehand. Our eCommerce blog section will give offer you a more detailed idea of our work and expertise. 

WooCommerce website development in a nutshell

WooCommerce is a great platform to create a complete e-commerce website. Unlike the rest of the e-commerce platforms, it allows you to integrate with a CMS in easier steps. However, only expert e-commerce developers understand the challenges inhibited at each step and the right way to overcome them.

If you foresee a huge hike in your revenues from a website with WooCommerce and seek our help, you can hire expert Woocommerce developers from us.