WordPress Live Chat Plugin


WordPress has always been an attractive platform for developers owing to the flexibility it offers. It comes equipped with attractive features built into core. It enables you to modify and enhance the capabilities of built in modules. For instance, you add a custom code to the website or use any Plugin for adding extra features; you can always modify the look, feel and functionality of the Plugin. If you are running a business, making use of live chat Plugin puts you in direct contact with your customers.

Admit it or not, but integrating Live chat Plugin in your WordPress website changes how your potential customers interact with your website. Live chat Plugin gives you a better access to your customers and Vice Versa, it projects you as a service that values customer satisfaction and creates a brand reputation.

WordPress Live Chat Plugin Support

WordPress Live Chat Support is one of the amazing tools for your WordPress website. We have modified this Plugin to add extra features. Our WordPress Live Chat Plugin combines a variety of features into one interface. Using these Live Chat Plugin customers can talk to the specified person by purchasing time period. This live chat option will be available at the front end. Visitors interested in live chat will have to agree to the disclaimer and select the amount of time they want to chat for. Users will have to pay an amount to purchase the time period.

After he purchases the time period he is allowed to use the voucher and talk to the specified person. The moment his time period ends the call will automatically be disconnected.

Features of wordpress  Live Chat Plugin

  • Fully functional WP live chat support Plugin
  • Easy to use interface for both visitor and admin
  • Chat for a specific period of time: The striking feature of this Plugin is that customers are only allowed to chat for the purchased time period. The moment this time period ends, the admin will not receive any chat messages.
  • Chat with 3 people at a time: Using this Plugin admin is able to chat with three people at a time.
  • Minute Purchase through PayPal: Customers can purchase the time period for which they want to chat using their PayPal accounts.
  • Fully customizable live chat experience– The Plugin is customizable as you can change color, theme and position of the chat Plugin as per your website theme.
  • Easy to install

How the WordPress live chat Plugin Works?

The Live Chat Plugin will be integrated to your WordPress website. The live chat option will be shown on front-end. Once visitor agrees to the disclaimer, he is allowed to use his purchased voucher code. If he doesn’t have the voucher code, he will have to purchase the time period he wants to chat for. Once he clicks on the time period, the price will appear corresponding to the time period.

After he chooses the time slot, his credentials (name and email address) are asked and is taken to PayPal for payment. After the payment, his voucher code is sent in email.

If the voucher code validates he can use that for chat. The chat time will actually start only when the admin accepts the chat.

At a time admin is able o chat with three people. Once the chat time period expires, visitor will not be able to send any more messages.

This live chat Plugin can be used on websites providing products and services to customers. It will help in increasing user engagement of your WordPress website by enabling to chat with admin. To know more about this Plugin, you can REACH US.