WordPress Multisite Plugin For Woocommerce

WordPress Multisite Plugin For Woocommerce

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Our WordPress WooCommerce Multisite plugin is updated/upgraded from time to time and is compatible with latest versions of WooCommmerce (version: 3.6.4) and WordPress (version: 5.2.1).

E-commerce business is hitting new heights and is just getting bigger over time. To beat the competition around, using the most popular and robust Content Management System- WordPress, is suggested by experts. It comes with several popularly known e-commerce plugins and the recent arrival on the scene is Woocommerce. Woocommerce is the most popularly known e-commerce plugin for WordPress. Built on top of standard WordPress custom post types, it comes with the easy installation which can be managed from the admin panel easily. Compatibility with all the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce is also one of the significant features of this plugin. So, many come to us looking to hire WordPress developer for integration of wordpress websites to support ecommerce.

Often, e-commerce business needs are not met by a single website, as the web stores are targeted towards selling different products in different categories. This makes a single web store nothing but a chaotic and messy e-shop. Woocommerce multisite deployment is a full-fledged solution to this.

From a viewpoint of WordPress administrator, It is essential to have a single user account for all sites, especially for multiple stores. Also, it is convenient to use and easy to manage by the user.

So, merchants today are always searching of options that could help ease their work, and they can concentrate on their core work. So, our team of developers created WooCommerce Multisite plugin where an online sellers could handle multiple websites from a single admin to streamline the selling and distribution of products of various websites.

Across all stores, our WooCommerce WordPress Multisite plugin offers a possibility with a common search box to sell or offer the products related to each other. Moreover, Across all stores sites, it provides advantages for a user to offer a single shopping cart & a single checkout.

WordPress Multisite plugin for woocommerce normally works as any other plugin. In a network, each site shares a database by storing information in separate tables. Therefore, each store or site has a different setup.

Even though we can network activate plugins just like WooCommerce and it’s extensions, still in the network across the sites, it wouldn’t be possible to share product databases, user accounts, and checkout etc. Themes and plugins are the only things that can be shared across the site network.

Our Woocommerce Multisite Plug-in

This plugin was built to meet the requirements of managing different websites from a single admin panel. The idea was to segregate various products based on taxonomy and separate them out using multiple sites. Its striking feature is that all the websites are connected together, where every activity on every site is monitored through a single admin panel. A multi-store network loses its advantages if each site is to be managed independently.

We were required to set-up a multisite woocommerce platform, where different products should be presented on a different site. With too many products on the store it was difficult to manage all the functions adequately. We followed agile best practices to develop various components and add functionality as mentioned in the requirements. This plugin was created with functionalities and features to manage different web stores through a single admin. You can also consider to hire woocommerce developer from us for further customizations in plugin if required.


Multisite with woocommerce


In our wordpress mutlisite for woocommerce, the admin can monitor and manage everything through this. The different site URLs was listed on the extension, where admin can add all the themes, menu pages, and products. Admin can use this plugin  to select the desired theme, relevant homepage, relevant menus and desired products for a particular sub-site and this can be done without having to go to every sub-site or to the main site.

It is a good option for you if you want to have multiple ecommerce sub-sites to be managed through a single admin panel. Also, this offers Woocommerce filtering for product segregation as well as WordPress filtering to create different theme/design for sub-sites.

Features of Multisite Woocommerce Plug-in

This comes with features and various benefits for a multisite e-commerce:

Easy management of user account: This plugin not just makes the experience easy for customers but also allows admin to manage user accounts. The user account management is not done at a site level but at network level. The user is automatically registered across all the sites, which makes it relatively easy to manage activities regardless the number of sub-sites you have.

Domain Based Price Management: Store owner can add different price for same product for each domain. This can be managed under “Product Data Section”

Better product reach: The plug-in allows seller to increase his product reach and present users with only the required or desired products. This makes admin to keep an easy track of the products being searched by different users.

Independent shopping cart and checkout: The checkout and cart functionality works independently for each store. If you have a web store with multiple sites, the checkout process will be independent of each source. A separate checkout process with independent shopping cart allows each website to be treated as a unique experience for the end user. Also, the admin always gets the information from where a particular product has been purchased. This provides a hassle-free transaction process to users.

Note – If you are looking to achieve a single cart and checkout for all the websites, we can deliver that by customising our plugin to suit your needs. Kindly feel free to contact us.

Compatible with WordPress SEO YOAST Plugin: The woocommerce Plugin is compatible with SEO YOAST Plugin that allows you to add separate Meta tags for different products on different sub-sites.

Separate Contact page for Sub-sites: The Plugin has a feature of adding separate contact page for every website.

Easy maintenance: Since the websites share a single database, the seller saves a huge sum on maintenance costs. Everything is handled from a single point, whether it’s about triggering upgrades or managing transactions through each site.

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There were certain challenges involved in creating this plug-in, but our WordPress experts deployed the best technology to create the system. If you are also the one handling different woocommerce stores and want a hassle-free single management system, please REACH OUT TO US HERE.












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