WordPress Plugin For Facebook Comment Scraping

Facebook scraper WordPress Plugin

With over 2.94 billion users worldwide, Facebook is an ocean of user-generated content and if rightly used, this data has a lot of potential for individuals and businesses. Facebook comment scraping tools can facilitate extracting and converting this data into actionable content.

The global web scraping software market size will surpass US$ 2383 million by 2027, from US$ 1427 million in 2020, at a CAGR of 43.3% during 2021-2027”-  Siranush Jivanyan, Hexomatic

Today, we will discuss the relevance of Facebook comment scrappers for WordPress and how these tools can help you overcome the pain points of creating engaging posts for your WordPress audience.

What are Facebook comment exporting tools and how do they work?

Facebook comment export tools help you export comments from the posts on the Facebook pages. While most of us may consider it a tool to copy data using bots and replicate it somewhere else, there are many more real-world uses for these web scraping tools. 

Only a seasoned Chrome extension development partner like The Brihaspati Infotech can help you get compliant custom Facebook scraping tools using the grey areas of regulations that govern the use of public data use. All you need to have is the necessary permissions and answers to the following questions:-

  • The sources of Facebook data you wish to export/scrap.
  • Specifications about the location of the data.
  • Purpose of exporting the data using scraping tools.

The scraping tools typically work by making HTTP requests that target Facebook pages to extract the data. Some scrapers also make requests to internal APIs for fetching the specific data required by the users. 

While there are various types of web scraping tools, you have the option to customize their capabilities to suit your needs. For example, you may use a Facebook comment scraping tool to export only comments or can even modify it to export images posted by users. 

Significance of custom Facebook scraping tool for WordPress

WordPress plugin development for Facebook comment scrapping can help you copy content such as comments, URL, profile picture URL, profile name, followers, last posts information, etc, thus letting you add them directly to your WordPress website as posts. 

Wondering how it happens? Let’s have a look at a few things that solutions like Facebook comment scraping tools can do for you:-

  • Provide a visual interface to select the content
  • Import selected images directly to the media library
  • Populate featured images, tags, and categories.
  • Save content from Facebook as a draft, post, or page.
  • Post the content to the relevant categories

Our experience with the Facebook scraper chrome extensions & plugins

Being in the web and app development industry for more than a decade, we get a chance to work on a variety of projects. It also includes unique web scraping tools for businesses and social media influencers. 

Let’s have a look at one of our recent projects to build a WordPress plugin for Facebook comment scrapping. It will help you understand the expertise and level of refinement of our skills for web scraper plugins and browser extension development.

Our client for this project was a social media influencer with several popular Facebook pages where tons of users used to put comments and reviews for the products, events, or topics in discussion. 

We needed to build a Facebook comment export tool that can extract the comments/reviews posted on these Facebook pages. Additionally, we also need to provide a solution for turning them into interactive posts on the client’s WordPress websites.

Let’s go through some of the features of our custom Facebook scraping tool that we provided to match the expectations of our client:-

Users can select comments using Checkboxes.

When the user installs this extension, he gets the option to add checkboxes in front of each comment posted on his post. He can check these boxes for the comments he wants to export from a particular Facebook page or post.

Ability to select images using Checkboxes

Our custom Facebook comment scrapping chrome extension also allows users to select and export images. The user gets the checkboxes placed after every image, and he can use them to export only those images that he wants.

Ability to view all the selected comments/images

Once the user ticks the checkboxes for comments and images he wishes to export, the Facebook scraper Chrome extension helps them to view these comments and images in one place. It was helpful to modify the selections before exporting them to WordPress.

Generate and copy the HTML code for selected comments/images

The plugin also generates the HTML code for all images and comments. The users have the option to copy and paste it directly on their WordPress website. Thus, It helped us to ensure that our chrome extension should be equally good for people with low coding knowledge.

What else can you do with the Facebook Comment Export Tool?

We believe that now you understand how a Facebook comment export tool can benefit you as a WordPress website owner. Whether the content is from your pages or other public pages, such solutions can do it all in a blink.

Now let’s move to a bigger playground! The below points will help you understand what else you can do with the Facebook scraping solutions:-

  • Extract specific information from the Facebook users’ profiles
  • Analyze your social media audience to build super-targeted lists of leads.
  • Track public sentiment towards specific topics, and brands.
  • Scrape customer information to fine-tune market strategies. 
  • Facebook scraping for listings in the real estate industry.
  • Scraping data from stock market pages for analysis.


These were some insights on how building a business-specific custom Facebook scraping tool for an edge over your counterparts. Our web scraping tool building is not limited to only Facebook scraper chrome extensions. If your business needs these data extraction capabilities for different platforms we can help you build the following tools:-

  • Web scraper for extracting Instagram data
  • YouTube scrapping extensions and plugin
  • Scraping tool for Twitter profiles
  • Scraper for extracting data from Reddit
  • Plugin to extract Contact details from Social media profiles

So, if the idea of cutting through the social media noise while extracting valuable data from it sounds good to you, let’s get in touch to discuss limitless possibilities of fusing your idea with our custom chrome extension and plugin development skills.