"Why Choose WordPress VIP Hosting?"


Introduced as blogging software, WordPress may have its origins in blogging world, it is currently used over 75, 135, 620 websites all over the world. WordPress is known to power many good enterprise level websites viz. TechCrunch, CNN, NASA, and TED. When it comes to WordPress, the options are plenty viz. wordpress.org, wordpress.com, self hosted WordPress and WordPress VIP. However, it is crucial to create a proper development environment for serving clients by whom WordPress is used at a large scale.

This requires large investments in infrastructure and human capital to set and run the whole system. In order to support and host large scale high traffic WordPress websites, WordPress.com VIP hosting is one the best solutions by far. WordPress VIP hosting is a premium based web hosting service designed to use by enterprise firms.

With this users get all the features of constantly developing platform and trustworthy infrastructure to make a website scalable, stable, maintained and secure. Apart from WordPress VIP hosting, WordPress Engine also specializes in WordPress for enterprise. These can be used differently based on project requirements of cost, customer support, uptime and Time to market.

Features and Benefits of WordPress VIP hosting

Robust Platform

WordPress VIP runs on wordpress.com, and has access to many scrutinized and approved plugins. This is a premium based web publishing service with blend of all the features already found in WordPress and enhanced features related to uptime, maintenance, security, content monitoring and custom support. It provides flexible and agile solutions required for high-scale websites requiring rock-solid support. You can take control of full customization of your template, CSS, advertising and Plugin installation.

Security and Optimization

WordPress VIP hosting makes sure that the code is optimized, fast and secure. The site security and monitoring add-on, the site is monitored well and the security Plugin manages number of users every day. The website is constantly monitored for unauthorized access while login. Also, the website admin receive detailed notifications whenever the website is accessed from unrecognized devices. The premium add-on of site security and monitoring is available to VIP cloud hosting at specific price. The secure code base and constant monitoring facilitates a good uptime. It supports 24*7 IT support which is not provided by self-hosted WordPress services.

Content Migration

WordPress VIP hosting makes content migration easy for all those who previously operated a self-hosted WordPress website as well as from other blogging platforms. For small or large migrations it is now easy to import content from existing content management system to your current WordPress website hosted by WordPress VIP.


Scalability has always been an issue for the entire website receiving high traffic on their websites. WordPress.com VIP hosting services supports millions of page views per day without any hindrance in working and is most appropriate platform for enterprises with highly trafficked websites. There are provisions to check that the code on your website is always prepared to manage any amount of incoming traffic on daily basis.

Improved Customer Support

WordPress VIP has a robust and always available support staff in the form of 24*7 phone support.

Affordable Pricing

WordPress VIP is comparatively inexpensive as compared to the self-hosted WordPress hosting. For up to five websites powered by WordPress, the cloud hosted package is available at almost $3500 per month providing unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage and unlimited traffic support. Whereas for self-hosted WordPress hosting the package begins at $15000 per month. This makes WordPress VIP hosting less expensive, scalable and reliable.

WordPress.com VIP hosting proves to be a right choice when it comes to be security, customer support, traffic, agility and other features. So are you too getting ready to launch your brand new WordPress enterprise website? Our WordPress VIP hosting services will provide you with all the benefits and features required to make your website stable, scalable and secure.

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