A Custom Woo Store For An Eyewear Business

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Project Overview

Brook Eyewear approached us to build a full-fledged eCommerce store for their local eyewear store. The client wanted to revamp its market presence with a smart eStore. It was a huge task given the size of the company with thousands of eyewear products and supplies.

We pulled through it and delivered Data-driven solutions for Enhanced shoppers experience.

  • Client American Sun & Reader Eyewear
  • Industry E-commerce

Tech Stack

  • CMS WordPress
  • 3rd-Party Integrations WooCommerce/Apple Pay/Custom Plugins
  • Database MySQL

Action Plan

We started with a website Audit and Analysis. Collaborating with the client, our Woo experts proposed a meticulous plan to build the eStore.

This plan zeroed in on six key features, determined to be the linchpins for a successful revamp -:

UI Design & Implement

Virtual Try-on Plugin

Product Setup & Upload

Apple Pay Integrations

Custom Product Configurator

USPS Shipping Integration

These features were Integral to enhancing the Shopping experience and Encouraging visitors to convert into customers.

Let’s discuss the actual work in detail and how we executed the plan -:

UI/UX Design & ImplementationWe created a User-friendly and Intuitive interface for Brook Eyewear’s store. Based on the extensive user behavior research ( via online surveys & interviews):

  • We designed a clean and minimalist website layout with clear product categorization & navigation.
  • Our Figma to WooCommerce developers created a fully functional theme for the Eyewear store.

WooCommerce Plugin InstallationThe next step was to set up the eCommerce functionality using the WooCommerce plugin.

Our Dev team integrated the plugin to turn the WordPress website into a robust and full-fledged eCommerce store for this eyewear business.

Swiftly Uploaded 45000+ SKUs via API IntegrationThe client’s website had an inventory exceeding 45,000 SKUs (Stock Keeping Units), with numerous Variations for each product.

We successfully uploaded product images with accurate information and other variations via API integration.

This approach saved significant development hours. Also, the optimized product upload process prevented website slowdown despite the bulk inventory.

Integration of Custom Product ConfiguratorWe built a custom Product Configurator to personalize the experience for the store. This interactive tool allows shoppers to select Frame colors, Materials, and integrate Prescription lens selection into the checkout process.

Shoppers can select the Lens type and Power, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal vision correction. This approach potentially reduces product return rates due to sizing or compatibility issues.

Virtual Try-on FeatureWe helped in slashing Product returns by implementing a Virtual try-on feature for eyewear shoppers. With this, shoppers can Try On the Sunglasses or other eyewear before placing the orders.

Quiz Feature for Product RecommendationsAnticipating market demand can save businesses from exhausting their resources. We came out with a Fun and Interactive product recommendation quiz.

This feature prompts shoppers to answer questions about their preferences, lifestyle, and facial features. Shoppers receive highly relevant product recommendations for placing an order.

The collected Quiz data equips the client with valuable insights into customer preferences and buying habits. It’s a win-win for both.

Custom Payment Gateway IntegrationWe went beyond the default WooCommerce gateway with Apple Pay.

Our team integrated Apple Pay into the client’s target market. Apple Pay has helped merchants improve the store conversion rate by more than 250%.

This smart, simple, and secure service improves the checkout experience and results in more conversions.

Custom Shipping Gateway IntegrationWe integrated USPS as a primary shipping carrier for swift and reliable deliveries in the US.

Our Dev team integrated a tiered shipping structure.

  • Shoppers placing orders exceeding $50 enjoy complimentary shipping, encouraging a higher-value purchase.
  • A flat shipping rate of $5 was applied for orders less than $50.

Result: A High-Converting Eyewear Store

Our Dev team transformed the look and optimized the Brook Eyewear store for conversions.

Over the next 3-4 months, the company reported increased quiz submissions and reduced product returns. The product sales witnessed a spike over the next 8-10 months.

Brook’s shoppers love it! And so does Brook!

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