Popularity and relevance are the two solid parameters of measuring online success, which are not determined by merely building the website. Google follow certain algorithms to sort the websites and then rank them based on their relevance for uses and Google. Various methods are deployed to enhance online presence viz. SEO and SMO practices, off-site and on-site optimization methods, which make your business prominent.

Our internet marketing team is focused at providing result-driven marketing services and outstanding customer support. SEO, SMO (Social Media Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click) are a few techniques that can get you in the good books of top search engines like Google. Our web strategists and SEO experts are skilled in keyword ranking, SMO, content optimization, off-page and on-page optimization.

Services We Offer in Web Marketing

  • We help you in building online reputation and establishing a positive public image with various off-page and on-page optimization
  • Quality content delivery and content marketing services ensures a trustworthy repute amongst your competitors
  • SEO services with measurable results and use google analytics to analyze your website
  • Social media optimization and online advertising to let you connect with your customers and generate more traffic to your website


Website Analysis

An in-depth review of the website to identify its strong and weak points, and undertake campaigns to improve the overall prospects.

Competitor Analysis

Round-up potential competitors and analyse their SEO presence to identify opportunities for your business.

Reputation Management

Monitoring current brand image and improving negative brand signals from SERP.

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Organic Traffic

Carrying out campaigns to increase the organic traffic inflow. Both on-page and offpage SEO services are offered.


We consult your team on safe and recommended SEO practices and brainstorm over current requirements to improve the SEO score globally.

Media Marketing

Brand Setup

Researching and securing brand names across available social platforms, creating user profits and account setups.


Creating database signals to ascertain the social brand awareness (if any) and the nature of conversations happening around the brand.

Social PPC

Conducting advertorial campaigns on social sites – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – to create social brand awareness according to geographical target intent.

Cross Channel Promotion

Social awareness cannot be an isolated endeavour. We create or vet your social media messages to ensure layered and measured value deliverables.


Working with your in-house team (if any) on present social media marketing practices and ideating future strategies.

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Landing Pages

Creating customized and clutter-free landing pages and templates for specific ROI – email submits, free webinars, cart checkout and more.

Maximum Delivery

Our in-house email delivery platform ensures minimum bounce rates and maximum email delivery in the ‘Inbox’ sections.

Email Templates

Our designers create beautiful email templates targeted to a custom audience for various ROI measurements and factions.



We offer in-depth activities to acquire email ids and run campaigns to convert them into sales. Detailed analytics is given to measure performance.


We brainstorm with your in-house team (if any) and educate them about safe email marketing practices and future email marketing strategies.

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