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We’ve grown into a trusted partner for small-to-midsize businesses looking to expand online through Search engine optimization (SEO), Social media Marketing, Email Marketing, and other online marketing methods.

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Target Relevant Audiences

Do you want to communicate your brand and engage with the audience for your start-up business? At The Brihaspati Infotech, you get the best digital marketing services to help you launch your Brand.

Matching your Vision

Recently launched Store

If you have established a new online store and want to promote your brand, then contact our digital marketing professionals who can assist you to increase brand awareness.

Targeting Right Audience

Generate more leads

To grow and survive online, it is important to generate quality leads for your business.

With our digital marketing services, we assure you of recurring business leads that help in scaling your business.

We focus on driving high-ticket leads whether it’s through organic channels, social media, or referral channels.

Competitor Analysis

Increase sales

Do you want to increase the brand visibility of your online store and convert potent buyers online?

A dedicated team of digital marketers can help you in selling your products directly to customers

OnPage Optimization

Want to boost your business’s online presence and attract high-quality visitors? At The Brihaspati Infotech, we make sure that our SEO services are in line with search engines’ best practices in order to increase the reliability of your website. Our SEO specialists create original, optimize headlines,  HTML elements,  engaging content, and use high-resolution pictures.

Open Source

Website Audit

Do you already have a site? Is it generating much revenue or traffic? Work with our SEO professionals who will perform a website audit to evaluate the issues that are affecting the page search engine performance. Our team will provide new strategies to generate sales.

Cms Vs Frame

Competitor analysis

Are you preoccupied with your business to notice your competitors?

Knowing your competitor is crucial to your business’s success.

We’re here to keep an eye on your competitor and provide you a clear roadmap to improve the SEO of the Website to generate more leads.

Headless vs Traditional choices

Keyword suggestions

Are you using the correct keywords for your product or services? The right keyword can accelerate the search ranking of your website.

Therefore, our SEO experts use a variety of online tools to look for keywords that are likely to propel your website to the top of the search results.

Open Source

Interlinking & Page speed

To establish the site architecture and build page authority of your web pages, our team of SEO specialists does the interlinking.

Moreover, we reduce the bounce rate and provide a better user experience to website visitors by implementing page speed optimization.

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Our SEO experts use Google Analytics to better understand the dynamics of your website and viewer behavior, resulting in better outcomes.

OffPage Optimization

For building brand trust and enhancing online visibility, off-page Optimization is important. Therefore, with our digital marketing services, you can expose your brand to the targeted audience and stabilize its credibility. To develop quality links our team of experts uses social media marketing and link building.

Boosting the sales

Competitor backlink review

Our team of experts reviews the competitors’ websites to build a digital strategy that allows us to evaluate the competition in your business.

We examine competitor websites, analyze how well the competitors are performing and create guidelines for what we need to do to compete with them.

Enhanced Mobile experience

Content creation

To reach your target audience and drive more sales, content is an effective way.

We have a team of content writers who can create SEO-friendly content for your website to improve the backlinks and promote the website on the search engine.

Fast Loading Speeds

Quality Backlinks

Want to improve your search engine rankings? Our team of SEO experts can help you in achieving top organic ranking with high-quality links.

We can help you sustainably build quality backlinks.

Fast Loading Speeds


For off-page analysis, our SEO experts use tools like SemRush to monitor the performance of the web pages weekly.

After analyzing, we put forward our strategies to improve the ranking of the keywords on the SERP.

Email Marketing Services

To develop brand recognition and build client relationships for more sales, The Brihaspati Infotech offers email marketing services. Our team of specialists will send custom email newsletters to the targeting customer to generate maximum profit for your business.

Email capture

An email is a powerful tool for converting unknown visitors into known audiences.

Thus, our experts create relevant email sign-up forms and install a pop-up to collect customer data from your visitors. It helps to get subscribers to your email list to increase the ROI.

Newsletter & Offers draft

To build customer loyalty and trust in your products and services, we also send newsletters and offers relevant to your business regularly to stay in touch with your customers.

Email campaigns

Build relationships with your audience and increase ROI with our email marketing services. Our team of experts can help you in achieving your goals by setting up an email campaign.

B2B Solutions


To measure the performance, our experts monitor the marketing analytics.

Based on the performance like click-through rates, conversions, subscribers, we refine the marketing strategies to increase the outcomes.

Social Media Marketing

Do you want to create better visibility of your brand on social platforms? With our social media marketing services, you can achieve it. Our team of experts can help you in gaining attention and leads on social channels to convert into sales. Our experts give your business a powerful online presence across channels such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. 

Target Audience preference

Posting on social media is like shouting to all of your customers, or potential customers, using a virtual megaphone.

Through our social media marketing services, we assist you in targeting the right audience for your business.

Shopify theme development

Engaging Content posts

We understand the importance of social channels.

Therefore our professionals generate content that both engages the customer and improves the brand.

Our team of writers creates appealing content for your business’s social media channels.

Regular communication

It’s a double-edged sword to expand your social media exposure.

Therefore, our team keeps regular communication by listening and answering the questions of the customers on the social media channels.


Our team of digital marketing also monitors, collects, and analyzes all the audience data from the social channels to check which tactics and strategies are working and which are not.

It gives instant feedback on how your brand is performing on social channels.

Spend less time worrying about technology.

Build your brand reputation across online channels

We at The Brihaspati Infotech offer Digital Marketing Services that are unrivaled in the Industry.

Why Choose Our Digital Marketing Services?

Our digital marketing team is skilled at developing a distinctive marketing strategy for digital campaigns and executing it effectively to get measurable results.

We are dedicated to providing cost-effective and flexible solutions that enhance our clients’ return on investment. 

We make sure the communication is always good and transparent

We focus on techniques that assist our clients’ traffic expansion, which leads to more leads and business. 

We look to establish long-term ties with our clients. We provide solutions for all industries and sizes of businesses.

100% satisfying and high-quality results to make our clients stand out from their competitors.

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