4pay Magento payment gateway API- An Overview


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We have discussed in our previous blog Infusionsoft Payment Gateway for Magento to Build Up Sales about features, functioning and various payment processes. In this write-up also we are introducing you with another new Magento payment gateway API named ‘4pay.net’ covering its unique features and various payment phases during a transaction. This amazing payment gateway functions similar to authorize.net and we have integrated it by creating the custom module in Magento.

Introduction: ‘4pay’ Magento payment gateway API

  • This API is especially designed by adopting the best Magento development procedures to accomplish its compatibility with all Magento versions and extensions from 1.6 onward.
  • By integrating this API, a Merchant can use his own technology to manage communication between 4Pay Credit Card Processor and the customer.
  • It allows an easy online payment processing to fulfill day to day Magento Ecommerce needs.
  • The Merchant can collect Credit Card details and also manage the payment result by using server to server messages to the 4Pay.net platform.

Therefore, 4pay payment gateway API allows online customers to pay easily, faster and securely through credit cards verified by VISA / Master Card Secure Code.

Common features offered by 4pay are as follows:

  • Its payment is captured, denied and verified by using VISA verification check.
  • In VISA verification check, placing an order redirects customer to 4PAY API’s website, here a next level of verification is done and finally the order is placed after authentication.
  • It has a Magento admin-end, here merchant can setup with required 4PAY account values such as Gateway URL, merchant account, merchant token, and types of cards to be enabled etc.
  • It uses curl to connect the 4PAY API for authorization and capture amount.


4Pay.net Payment Phases Includes:

Payment Request

After selecting the product / service from the Merchant’s catalog, when the customer decides to proceed with the payment and gives all credit card details, then the Merchant’s system send an XML server to server message for this new transaction to the 4Pay.net system and also forwards all Credit Card details.

This message contains the following parameters:

  • Merchant’s account identification value.
  • Order identification (TRANSACTION_ID).
  • Credit card details (number, exp. date and security code).
  • Amount and currency of the transaction.
  • Type of transaction.
Type of transaction further shows following values:
  1. Implicit accounting (AUTCONT): If the authorization is positive, the 4Pay.net system can charge the amount to the customer’s credit card and accredit the same amount to the Merchant account.
  2.  Explicit accounting (AUT): If the authorization is positive, the Merchant in a second time with an explicit communication to the 4Pay.net system need to account the transaction charging from the customer’s credit card and accredit the amount to himself.

TOKEN (Messages Signature)

During the communication process between the Merchant and the 4Pay.net Gateway system there can be a possibility that a third person intercepts the message and tries to change the information. This risk can be avoided by introducing an authentication process through a “signature” on the transmitted message. If all transaction details are correct, then 4Pay payment gateway can control it. If all controls will be fine, then it will contact to the credit card issuer to know if he adheres to the security protocols i.e. verified By Visa / MasterCard Secure Code.

Credit card holder authentication

  • If the Credit Card issuer doesn’t enroll to the Verified Visa / MasterCard Secure Code service, then the payment can be made immediately and in this case 4Pay.net will send payment request to the authorization systems and then return to the Merchant in the transaction result.
  • If the Credit Card issuer and the Customer adheres to the Verified Visa / MasterCard Secure Code service, then the customer must be redirected to the Issuer’s application to be qualified.
  • The redirection is made using an ‘html’ page.
  • The platform of 4Pay.net will forward an HTML tag that the Merchant should decode with BASE64 algorithm and then put the result to the customer’s browser.
  • At this moment all the authentication process is managed by the Issuer which at the end of this process will be redirected to the customer’s browser as an URL arranged by the 4Pay.net platform for sending the authentication result.
  • The 4Pay gateway will elaborate the message received from the Issuer to verify if it is possible to continue with the payment.
  • Only if the customer has entered the correct password, then It will be possible to continue with the payment.

Payment phase and result notification

  • If the customer authentication has found correct or the authentication has not required, then the 4Pay.net gateway will send a payment request to the authorization systems and it will receive the related answer.
  • In Verified Visa or MasterCard Secure Code payment, the transaction result will be posted to the Merchant “Response URL” with a specified value in the 4Pay.net profile page. Otherwise the 4Pay.net gateway will send it to the Merchant’s account as a result of the transaction through the same connection used to receive it.
  • In both cases the response will show the payment details if successful, or will provide the reason why it has been refused (i.e. technical problems, authentication unsuccessful, authorization not possible, etc.).

In above overview, we have covered most of the needful things about 4pay plugin that you would surely like to use in your Magento Ecommerce payment gateway process.

At The Brihaspati Infotech, our team of experienced Magento developers have expertise in Magento Web Development and can readily integrate this 4pay Magento API with your online Magento store version 1.6 onward and that will let you easily manage all payment processes in a more secured way.

If you have any doubt or queries related to 4pay plugin, then you may feel free to reach us.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this write-up.

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