Bigcommerce 2019: New updates that can skyrocket your store sales


2019 has been a great year for e-commerce businesses so far. From Google I/O 2019 to the recent most BigCommerce event, every convention has offered new hints for the e-marketers. Last week, we had the opportunity to witness one of the largest and highly informative conventions on e-Commerce in person.

BigCommerce Partner Summit successfully concluded at Chicago between June 25 and 27.  As a leading BigCommerce Development Agency, our company The Brihaspati Infotech was fortunate enough to present itself in the live convention. The conference concluded on a high note for the e-commerce websites across the globe and sharp indication for the forthcoming developmental reforms in e-commerce.

In this article, we will discuss the perspective of BigCommerce, their future goals and a merchant’s stress points to make the best out of the new updates.

BigCommerce prioritizes hassle-free store development

Next to Shopify, BigCommerce is the leading e-commerce development platform with every essential feature that delivers a powerful and highly customizable e-store.

Shopify tops the list for its wide range of ready-made Plugins, also called Shopify Apps. Above all, it barely needs coding and can be made functional within a few hours and minimal charges. The clientele primarily comprises of the newcomers in internet retailing.

On the other hand, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, another e-commerce platform giant, targets the whales in the business. The ease of access and an easy to go approach at every step is prioritized. Needless to say, the services are expensive here and the customer base primarily includes the larger enterprises with average revenue in Billions.

BigCommerce finds itself at the mid of these two slabs wherefrom it helps those businesses to grow which aren’t new in the field and are expecting a swift rise with a couple of customizations. While the prices of its plans are nearly the same as Shopify, it avails a larger scope for custom designing the e-store and allowing better sync with the Bigcommerce apps.

The BigCommerce conventions in recent years have stressed to make the Store development smoother and more hassle-free. Store Owners can get their own e-stores with minimal help from Bigcommerce developers while empowering the website with exclusively designed functions.

In recent years, we have delivered numerous projects where the clients were seeking help in their BigCommerce store. And, as a certified BigCommerce Partner, we are always ready to go by the book and beyond.

BigCommerce Agency Partner Badge

BigCommerce updates itself with forthcoming technologies and allows the SMB store-owners to be future-ready. We can see reasons as to why some of the major E-commerce websites have switched their stores to BigCommerce and have eventually seen a mass growth in conversion rates. The decisive question here, is: can this be of any help to your store? How can the recent updates of BigCommerce boost your sales?

Upcoming features to empower your BigCommerce store

BigCommerce Partner Summit 2019 is the recent talk of the town with its approach for the new-age e-commerce developments. The central theme of this convention stayed around the ease of feature implementations while enhancing the customer experience at every step. Above all, the new updates allow the store owners to enable customizations and maximizing product branding.

Here, we enlist a few feature-enriched functionalities that can help you grow your BigCommerce sales

Headless Commerce needing lesser heads

Headless Commerce, as the name suggests, basically needs lesser of HEADaches. The concept minimizes the synchronization issues between the front and the back end that leaves us with a far smoother store. Headless Commerce allows the website to activate the back-end functions with simpler API calls.

There is no fixed template at the front, enabling the developers to implement infinite customizations at the user interface. Being self-developed, the custom buttons are more aligned with the back-end operations allowing a faster and more streamlined website.

The recent updates of BigCommerce are regulated for a Headless approach across all the major CMS platforms. Here are a few examples that have implemented BigCommerce Headless Approach to success:
Headless Bigcommerce examples.

High-degree Checkout customization with Checkout SDK

With Custom checkout options, site owners can now implement a more interactive checkout page. The features and the availed fields can possibly be personalized in infinite ways as per unique business needs making the payment screens much more business-oriented.

The new updates of the BigCommerce are focused on branding the e-commerce site with unconventional and uniformly themed pages and a never before customer experience. The same is reflected on the way it has allowed customization in the Checkout page. The checkout front page can be personalized along with an excellent synchronization with the back-end functioning.

With the Checkout SDK JS library, the BigCommerce can accept the checkout APIs more easily. The library handles the following functions:
-> Accepting the Login credentials
-> Receiving Shipping Quotes
-> Submitting Payment for the order. The SDK allows custom designing checkout fields like the payment gateways and the shipment conditions. The Javascript interface smoothens the interaction with web APIs to streamline the final steps of confirming the order.

What benefit does it offer to you?

BigCommerce development One page Checkout

For an e-commerce business owner:
Compared to the existing templates, a custom-designed front-end looks more uniform from the first page until the time customers payout. It offers a rather professional touch to a uniformly themed store leaving the customers with an excellent visual experience.

You can try out custom designs like one-page checkout to quicken the payment processes. As per Bigcommerce, Bolt saw up to 50% revenue rise in their online retailers with the custom BigCommerce Checkout SDK.

For BigCommerce Agency Partners
Solution makers can develop checkout apps that can be sold right from the BigCommerce Store. Agencies like The Brihaspati Infotech can increase their recurring revenues by such custom-designed ready-made app integrations.

BigCommerce extending its presence on WordPress

We had been waiting for better e-commerce support on the leading CMS platform for very long. With recent updates, BigCommerce store giants can now present themselves on WordPress with better product windows and highly engaging User Interface.

The BigCommerce plugin on WordPress allows easy integration of the store to the CMS wherefrom, the business owners can manage their sales with much ease. The best part it leverages the best of the two worlds to maximise your profits- WordPress for managing your contents; while BigCommerce for managing the e-Commerce.

BigCommerce WordPress Plugin

How can the plugin help your business as a whole?
The BigCommerce Plugin is probably the best thing happened to WordPress users who had been longing for a better e-commerce setup. Not only the WordPress users will be allowed to establish a store of their wish, but also the plugin will be carrying a good number of features along with it.

  • The users will be saved from buying separate plugins for setting up the store.
  • BigCommerce itself avails a good number of Catalog management features along with advanced payment gateways, taxation, shipping calculations and channel management.

Managing multiple stores made easier

Business owners can now control their multiple stores from a common centralized screen. The BigCommerce Control Panel lets the users manage their multiple WordPress sites from the same screen.

This has been the best part of the BigCommerce Plugin. The business owners who have multiple sites targeting specific product need not switch screens. They can manage them all from the same place.

WordPress itself allows a good number of features for the BigCommerce store owners. With features like multi-currency handling, the store owners can now expand their customer base across the borders with easy shipment and taxation charging rules.

Next level m-commerce experience with BigCommerce AMP

Google I/O 2019 has concluded recently with a clear indication of its preference for mobile usage. Terms like Mobile-first indexing have intensified the need for an accelerated mobile-oriented experience for online shoppers. AMP technology does the needful for your e-commerce site’s mobile presence.

Accelerated Mobile Page is an open-source project by Google to enhance the mobile experience. The central idea being the delivery of faster loading pages on mobile sites such that the users can stay with the website on and off their regular systems.

With BigCommerce targeting the mobile screens with responsive sites, AMP is one factor that will surely multiply your revenue by several folds.
BigCommerce store is the house for several pre-designed themes that readily implement AMP in a much smoother way.

BigCommerce development AMP sites

Final words on future-oriented BigCommerce store development

The BigCommerce Partner Summit at Chicago was a glimpse of BigCommerce’s future goals and inclinations. E-Commerce had never been the place for settlers. It will remain as a constantly moving subject where the technologies, strategies and the customer’s interest are meant to vary with time.

However, few things are surely predictable and as a Service provider, we can target those points to engage our customers, serve them longer and of course charge them for the service.

As an e-commerce business owner, you can plan your store as per the customer demands and the trends that follow. With BigCommerce gradually shifting its dependency on pre-designed templates front-end developers are back on the lead.

Hiring expert Bigcommerce Developers from The Brihaspati Infotech offers you maximised outcomes of front end development along with our inputs on your e-store management. With years of experience at handling e-commerce websites, we understand the future needs of your business and the customizations your unique store deserves to have.

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