Embed Adobe Stock API with Custom Shopify App – A Quick Guide

Adobe Stock API

Adobe has a vast number of image galleries with over 200 million HD-quality stock images. Adobe allows the utilization of these galleries by embedding Adobe stock API with any third-party solution. 

Today, we will explore how beneficial Adobe APIs are and how our Shopify expert developers leveraged these APIs to develop a Shopify custom app for one of our clients. 

What is Adobe Stock API?

Adobe Stock Assets API is a set of tools that allow developers to integrate Adobe stock with custom platforms. These APIs provide access to a vast repository of high-quality images, videos, illustrations, and other creative assets.

Exploring Our Shopify Custom App Integration

Our client was running an e-commerce store of Home and Living Essentials, requiring a bespoke private Shopify search app integrated with Adobe APIs. The primary aim was to enable users to personalize products by selecting images from Adobe Stock within the store environment. 

We kickstarted the project after understanding the requirements and developed the custom app to enable customers to print on demand with Shopify.

Following are the features we implemented in the app:

  1. Pre-defined Keyword Tags For Adobe Stock Assets

    We’ve integrated the Adobe APIs into our custom Shopify app, enabling customers to discover images without the need for specific keywords. By incorporating product tags as searchable keywords within our interface, users can easily access images relevant to their product needs. Moreover, customers have the flexibility to manually input keywords, empowering them to find precisely the images they desire for printing on their chosen products.

  2. Custom Search Filters for the Shopify Search App

    To make this custom Shopify app more user-friendly, we implemented custom image search filters for users to enjoy the refined search capabilities, including category, sorting, alignment, and number of pictures. Moreover, users can also utilize the image alignment filters, as demonstrated in the image below.

  3. Optimized Image Display

    We aimed to showcase Adobe Stock images directly within the store environment, avoiding any redirection to third-party sites. We created a custom layout designed specifically for presenting these images to achieve this. This customized layout ensured the images appeared seamlessly within the store, maintaining proper formatting. 

  4. Seamless Configurator Integration

    Our Shopify expert developers utilized existing Shopify apps to pass the APIs to the configurator for the Shopify search app. This integration empowered users to tailor and edit their selected images effortlessly to meet their specific requirements. Whether adjusting sizes or making any desired alterations, this integration ensured a smooth and intuitive customization experience in print on demand with Shopify.

  5. User-Friendly Checkout Experience

    Maintaining a seamless checkout experience was crucial as we implemented custom functionalities. We prioritized keeping the checkout process smooth after personalization. This allowed users to effortlessly add personalized products to their cart and proceed swiftly through the checkout steps.

Difficulties Our Shopify Expert Developers Faced

We encountered several challenges while embedding Stock APIs into our Shopify search app. These challenges required creative problem-solving:

  • Integration complexity Integrating Adobe API with the Shopify environment posed initial complexities. The need to align external functionalities seamlessly within Shopify’s structure demanded meticulous coding for flawless working.
  • Refuse API callsAdobe has no certain limit of API calls, but sometimes it refuses API calls due to technical restrictions. Our team fixed that to avoid any further issues in the future.
  • Limited Customization OptionsShopify’s customization options posed certain limitations, especially concerning deeply personalized functionalities. Our development team coordinated with Shopify Officials to ensure the seamless integration between Adobe and Shopify.

Benefits of Using Adobe Stock Images?

Benefits of Adobe Stock APIs

Adobe has a vast image gallery with flexible usage options, we can utilize Adobe integration with any custom app or platform for commercial and personal use.  

  1. Content Access for Custom Usage

    This functionality enables users to explore and access an extensive array of stock media assets within the Adobe library. It proves highly advantageous for any platform or app development, facilitating asset searches using keywords, models, contributors, and series, and assisting in locating similar assets.

  2. Adobe Integration Capabilities & Flexibility

    Adobe integration allows developers to seamlessly incorporate Adobe Stock’s features into any platform or application. This integration can involve searching for content, previewing assets, licensing media, and managing user permissions.

  3. Licensing and Usage of Adobe Stock APIs

    This Adobe integration also provides methods to facilitate the licensing and usage tracking of Adobe Stock content within third-party applications. This ensures compliance with licensing agreements and allows for proper attribution of assets.

  4. However, Adobe’s APIs are freely accessible, but an Adobe stock integration is necessary for commercial use to eliminate the branding watermark. Adobe provides various licensing plans tailored for API integration in custom development, enabling seamless utilization within a commercial context.

Have Questions About the Integration?

How much does it usually cost to have such an integration?

The cost of integration can vary based on specific requirements. Hire Shopify developers or reach out to our team to get a quote for integrating Adobe with your Shopify custom App.

What are the benefits of integrating the Adobe Stock API for your Shopify store?

This integration provides access to a rich library of high-quality images for product personalization in Shopify stores. It improves user experience by providing a wide range of visual options.

Are there any restrictions on using the Adobe APIs in Shopify applications?

While the Adobe API is accessible, commercial use in Shopify apps requires an appropriate license to remove watermarks from images. Adobe offers tailored licensing plans for API integration in custom development.

Is Embedding Adobe Stock with Shopify App Worth It?

Integrating Adobe Stock brings powerful upgrades to any online store or platform. It lets users dive into Adobe’s gallery, search with keywords, and personalize their purchases, making their shopping adventure way more exciting.

Is the checkout process affected by the integration of Adobe in the Shopify app?

The checkout process was prioritized for a seamless experience post-personalization. Customers can easily add personalized products to their cart and proceed swiftly through the checkout steps.

Were there any challenges in making Integration between Adobe and Shopify?

There were many challenges including integration complexities, occasional refusal of API calls due to technical restrictions (which were resolved), and certain limitations in deeply personalized functionalities within Shopify’s environment.

In Short! Adobe API and Shopify App Integration

Adobe Stock API integration with a Shopify custom app was an exciting journey that unlocked immense potential for our client’s e-commerce store. Leveraging the extensive capabilities of Adobe stock assets APIs, our team of experts crafted a bespoke search app tailored to empower users with personalized shopping experiences.

This integration can help to enhance your customer’s shopping experience by enabling them to personalize the products before going for checkout. If you have a similar requirement for Adobe API integration with any e-commerce platform, click the Contact Us button below.


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