How To Improve Engagement On Social Media Platform?


What is Engagement on Social Media Platform?

Main motive for a social media engagement is focused on a long term relationship. A long and committed relationship comes with dedication, eagerness to adapt and the power to think about a better future and ensuring the overall client’s happiness in coming years. Social media engagement is more than just a single interaction with any of client or a ‘customer relationship’. It is an open line client interaction over a period of time.
It is more about how we can use networks like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to build an exceptional customer experience.


Some people may miss this business opportunity as their core social media strategy. We need to take this strategy a step further to be more engaging, proactive and listening.
In true sense, social media engagement constitutes two-way dialogue between customers and brand. Importantly, it also plays an essential role to determine actual ratio of viewers reading your content.
Mostly, people on social media appreciate how much you care instead of how much you know.

So before expecting anything viewers, start giving.

Why is Engagement On Social Media So Important?

Worldwide there are more than 1.82 billion social network users and this number is further expected to increase up to 2.22 billion by 2017. Many of us very well known to the fact that social media can work outstandingly in our favor. Still only a few people understand that an authentic social engagement and interaction depends on how well we can use various engagement strategies and tools on various social media platforms.

For any company, being active on social media is quite essential for their marketing plan. Although, some companies ideas of engagement on social media may be overwhelming by targeting the right audience on each social network, but still for many businesses, engagement on social media platform can be a congested and noisy place to build their brand awareness. As per report of ‘Thunderhead‘, one out of four businesses normally show confidence in their implemented customer engagement strategies.

In this blog, we are discussing about simple but important strategies and tools to improve engagement on social media platform.

You can try following important ways to improve engagement on social media platform:

1. Monitor the conversation

Engagement on social media is a two way street. Here primarily, listening is more important about what your viewers are saying about your brand or company. You can also take help of various available monitoring tools i.e. Buzzsumo, Social Mention, Brand24, Google Alerts, Talkwalker and many more to monitor conversation regarding your brand or products, website shared links and people behaviour and sentiments about your products or company.

2. Visual Content

Today in the visual web age, the most engaging content online is the visual content. As per research report from ‘Social Media Examiner‘, using visuals may results in 85% increase in Facebook interaction rate and 35% more improvement in retweets on twitter. But importantly, your visual should be attractive and stunning to provide your viewers a valid reason to engage with it without stopping their scrolling. Visual content can be of any type like the product shot, your office team picture, your fan’s spotlight, Behind the Scenes, Team in Action, your own creative banners, Collage, Selfie or spontaneous shots etc.

3. Engaging Videos

Youtube video engagement is predicted to dethrone by Facebook native video. So now, it is going to be more important especially for businesses and brands to upload videos on both Youtube as well as Facebook. Now, streaming video is much easier with your phone using popular tools like Periscope and Meerkat. Various popular brands like Starbucks, Mastercard, Miami Dolphins, BuzzFeed and Red Bull already testing and using both video streaming apps.
So, get ahead of the competitive stakes of social media engagement using engaging videos.

4. Develop Content Interaction

Sometimes, you must have drew in to some silly tests online like to which Game of character you resemble, or colour of your aura. Also, you must be hated to see a friend request asking to play Candy crush or Farmville. Mostly the online engaging content involves tools, games, contests, quizzes or apps. Although initially it may require a bit of investment, but it can help you to offer your viewers an interactive session with Facebook or various other apps.

5. Keep your posts to the optimal length

Surely, on social media networks you will get more likes, retweets or shares for the posts having certain optimal length.

Go through the following optimal length as specified by useful infographic from BufferSocial for your social network post content including YouTube:

  • Facebook: 40 characters
  • Tweeter: 71 to 100 characters
  • Google+: 60 characters
  • Linkedin: Max 25 words
  • Title Tags: 55 characters
  • Hashtags: 6 characters
  • Blogs: Max 1600 words

6. Avoid Regular Posting

It is our misconception that more engagement is directly related with regular posting on social media.
As per conclusion from Hubspot study the average number of social media interactions per post rises with the average decrease in posts published per week. Therefore, try to keep your daily posts to just 2 or 3 to grab its deserving attention from viewers.

7. Email Signature Optimization

As per usability, email signature is the most underutilized tool to engage people. You can easily use extension of Wisestamp in Gmail to include your social network accounts in your signature and thereby boosting your followers to improve engagement.

After gaining knowledge about all above discussed simple tips, you will surely feel more confident and comfortable while taking your next steps toward improving engagement with customers.

Have you tried any of above tips to increase social media engagement?
Let us know how they worked for you in the comments below.

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