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In India and abroad, CCavenue has gained its popularity as one of the best online payment gateway service. Across the globe, this payment gateway is striving to ease lives of millions of merchants. Currently, it is the only and complete payment gateway in India and comprises more than 85% e-merchants in India.

Before proceeding further to discuss about CCavenue integration process, we are giving an Overview for CCavenue Payment Gateway.

What is CCavenue Payment Gateway?

CCavenue is a popular Payment Gateway that allows online merchants to process their all online transactions under one roof that ranges from credit card transactions to direct debit from online bank accounts. It eliminates the need of any big software having its easy to implement kit that offers multiple services with round the clock customer support. Moreover, it allows every company with optimum transactions on a real time to ensure constant profits.

CCavenue is authorized by Indian financial institutions and one of the most secure payment gateway to transact money for an online shopping. It accepts and validates most of the online payments modes via Credit and Debit Card, Net banking, ATM-cum-Debit Card, Cash Card and Mobile Payment from the end customers in a real-time. It provides a secure link between a Merchant’s website and acquiring Banks, various issuing institutions, and the payment gateway providers.

Some popular leading Banks are listed here below:

  • Axis Bank.
  • Andhra Bank.
  • Bank of India.
  • Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait.
  • Bank of Maharashtra.
  • Canara Bank.
  • Catholic Syrian Bank.
  • Central Bank of India.
  • HDFC Bank.
  • ICICI Bank.
  • Union Bank.
  • Dhanlakshmi Bank.
  • Indian Overseas Bank.
  • Jammu & Kashmir Bank.
  • Karnataka Bank.
  • Punjab National Bank.
  • Royal Bank of Scotland and many more.

Pricing for CCavenue PG

It can be checked on the merchant site that goes as follows:

  • 3.5% for credit cards including MasterCard/ Visa/ Diner’s Club.
  • 4% for net or online banking.
  • 5% for American Express/JCB.
  • 0.25% for debit cards.
  • 5% for cash cards.
  • 0.5% for CCAvenue Phone Pay.

You Can Select Any Of Following Two CCAvenue Interfaces:

  • Shopping Cart Interface
  • Variable Amount Interface
Shopping Cart Interface

This interface can be a right choice for Merchants who have not yet developed a shopping cart or not willing to spend on its designing. CCavenue provides this ready-made Shopping cart that can be easily customized to match your website look and feel. CCavenue Shopping Cart Interface provides ‘Add To Cart’ button along with snippets of HTML code, that can be inserted next to product or services list. On clicking this button client is seamlessly taken to Merchant’s customized shopping cart hosted by CCavenue’s server. After finishing his shopping customer can click ‘Checkout’ button to enter Payment and Shipping information to complete the sale.

Variable Amount Interface

This interface is the best choose for Merchants who have built their own shopping cart and need solely for final authorization of payment. After completion of customer’s shopping process on website, Merchant can forward the final payment to the CCavenue secured server on a final payment checkout page. Here customer can choose his desired payment mode to enter payment and shipping information to complete sale.

Pricing for CCavenue Payment Gateway

It can be checked on the merchant site that goes as follows:

  • 3.5% for credit cards including MasterCard/ Visa/ Diner’s Club.
  • 4% for net or online banking.
  • 5% for American Express/JCB.
  • 0.25% for debit cards.
  • 5% for cash cards.
  • 0.5% for CCAvenue Phone Pay.

CCavenue Integration

Usually CCavenue provides an integration kit, quite detailed in form that holds following codes namely:

  • ASP-Active Server Pages.
  • JSP- Java Server Pages.
  • PHP-PHP and hypertext pre-processor.
  • Provided with framework 1.1 along with respective data base server if any.

The entire Integration process of CCavenue PG is quite simple, you need to have a merchant ID for its smooth working and implementation of this Payment Gateway.

How to Integrate CCavenue Payment Gateway

Important Requirements

Before integrating CCavenue payment gateway to your website, you have to create a CCavenue account to get Merchant ID and a Unique key required for money transaction.

Procedures and Steps to Integrate CCavenue Payment Gateway

1) Create an CCavenue account.

2) Verify your mobile and email.

3) Your account will be activated within one hour.

4) You will get username and password

5) CCavenue’s technical team will check your website and content and based and on that they will Authenticate you to use services.

Important: There are some document you need to provide them like one cancelled cheque, undertaking form etc.

6) After that they will give you Marchant ID, Working Key, Integration Plugin based on your website.

7) Upload the Integration Plugin to your Website Server.

10) Furnish it with details of Merchant ID and Unique Working Key.

11) CC Avenue Payment Gateway will be integrated to your website.

When you can start doing online business?

Once your CCavenue Payment Gateway account is activated and integrated, you can immediately start your online Ecommerce business irrespective of whether your website is live or not. After submission of documentation for your KYC, you can start receiving payouts.

You can also view and learn the simplest process to integrate CCavenue payment gateway by going through the trailing web link. In this video tutorial you will easily learn the step by step procedure of CCavenue payment gateway integration without any need for programming language.

Hope all above provided information for CCavenue Payment Gateway helps you to choose a suitable interface for your website and also guide you well how to integrate this popular Payment Gateway to your Ecommerce website.

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