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Social Media is the new hub for engaging users and fetching leads. While every business considers Social Media Marketing as their primary tool, few businesses have their private social networking apps.

Similar networking apps are often private and are accessible only to the users and the management where they can interact and stay adhered to their niche. They can exchange media files, market themselves as a brand, can have interactive learning sessions, and more. In simpler words, the app is a boon for a rather focussed community, that often misses out its specialty in the hugely populated Social media platforms like Instagram. 

Our Mobile app development company recently had the opportunity to develop a community social app for sports enthusiasts that offers a complete platform to the sports enthusiasts. We have used React Native that makes it easier for us to cater to both the mobile app platforms- Android and iOS. 

Our Hybrid app development company designed this app for four types of users:

  • Players
  • Fan Clubs
  • Scouts
  • Club Owners

Each user role has separate access to data, making our app as a unified platform for sports enthusiasts, players, and the managers. 

Here is a glimpse of our sports mobile app development with React Native.

Social App for Sports Community
Social App for Sports Community

This blog discusses its development, social app like environment, and how this app meets every need of the footballers.

Client Requirements

The client is a huge football enthusiast. On any regular day, you are most likely to find him dribbling along with his friends. That takes him closer to the international players along with the regional players who were excellent though they lacked much-needed attention.

At this, the client came up with an idea to create an online platform that offers these regional talents the attention they deserve from local clubs,  scouts, and enthusiasts like him. While the website portal was able to handle all the tasks, the client felt the immediate need for a Mobile app that can offer 24×7 access to the platform, along with the excellent user experience a native app comes with.

Developing Community Social Media App for Athletes

The web-based footballing platform holds humongous data by itself. The type of data ranges from innumerable video clippings, user credentials, and custom functions, designed to tap the social media features. 

The navigation of the pages was perfect. Creating our own architecture would have done injustice to the application. Another aspect of this: the customer experience across both platforms would have been largely different. 

Thus we boiled down to imitate the exact design even on mobile phones.

Video Platform to showcase skills

The application offers a great platform for the players to get noticed on a universal platform. The videos are accessible from any part of the globe, thus letting the players acquire a fan base for their skills. All that needs is this mobile app and a user account.

The React Native mobile app for sports social networks makes it easier for users to upload videos. The players can upload videos in two ways:

  • Pre-recorded videos
  • Live videos
Adding Videos to the sports community
Adding Videos to the sports community

The custom-designed Red button at the center kickstarts the Video recording feature. The app allows video clips up to 20 seconds and posts them directly to the app’s News Feed section.

Pre-recorded videos can be similarly clipped to 20 seconds while uploading them.

Dynamic News Feed

The React Native-based sports community app is the house for thousands of video clips added by the app users. The clips are sorted according to the date of uploading. The most recent clip being at the top of the stack.

However, the user can switch the sort preferences per his choice. We have a preference option at the top that allows the user to make easy changes for arranging the video clips.

Sorting videos in the Sports Community Mobile app
Sorting videos in the Sports Community Mobile app

We have three options for the arrangement:

  • Most Liked– The videos will be sorted on the basis of Likes they have received from the sports community
  • Most Viewed– The videos will be sorted on the basis of the number of times, they have been viewed over time.
  • Recently Added(default setting)-The recent most video is placed at the top.

The application brings out the changes much swiftly and the users can find videos with their preferences.

Community Building

The mobile app development for sports community offers a great platform for the players to create a fan base of their own. The users can follow a player and immediately turn into their fan. The users can further hit likes and can comment on the clips of their favorite players, encouraging them for their effort and skills.

The added advantage of a sports community mobile app development allows sports enthusiasts to share the video on multiple media sharing channels available with the device. The player’s video can thus be shared on and off the community social media app.

What does it hold for the app owner?

Developing sports community social networking mobile app is a win-win situation for the app owners. While offering a huge platform for budding talents is one reason that guarantees the vast popularity of the mobile app, they can further monetize the entire process.

Monetizing the mobile app can eventually generate a consistent flow of revenue for the app owners while encouraging them to market it to more sports agencies.

Using the app for the club owners

The mobile app is basically designed to meet the demand of everyone on and off the field. While on one hand, it allows the players to expose their skills and create a fan base for them, it also unites the club owners and the scouts. As of now, the app already has 150+ football scouts who train budding teen players skills ranging from shooting to saving goals. 

Developing the sports network app has eventually helped some players qualify for the national sports clubs under the coaching of the registered scouts. The scouts have additional abilities to upload an unlimited number of video clips. Being recommended by the scouts, the players can grab better attention from the club owners in the app, helping them connect better.

The app owners can further let the club owners participate in events held internationally. They can charge the commission fee in return for active participation while engaging the clubs as well.

The “Events” option in the picture below allows the clubs to find events and their participation fees.

Event Participation with Sports Community App
Event Participation with Sports Community App

Charging the players

The app lets the app owners generate revenue from individual players as well. The app functions as an e-learning platform for teenagers. They can gain new skills and master them with the online training videos offered by the app.

In the picture below we can find various paid videos for upskilling the players. The module is parted on the level of expertise.

Upskilling with Sports Community App
Upskilling with Sports Community App

Our experience at developing Social Media Apps

Time and again, the iOS expert developers at The Brihaspati Infotech have proved their expertise in developing mobile apps tailored for the business. Our Mobile application development category is filled with the custom-designed iOS mobile application we have developed and clearly speaks of the variety of business niches we have covered over the years.

While this app was specifically designed using React Native, we have talked about a similar Social Network for Movie buffs developed using iOS and Android app development platforms. Much like the current project, the said app was designed to establish a social media-like platform for frequent movie reviewers.

Final words

Establishing a Social network for athletes with React Native is often demanding. The developers are asked to offer a heap of features while taking care of the ease to handle them. At the very same time, they need to ensure that the app is scalable and is capable of handling the huge influx of traffic and media files in the future.

However, that makes a mobile app developer noteworthy. If you too are looking for a similar social network app for your business, our Hybrid App development company can tailor the existing app layout saving you time and money.

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