Subscription Website Development: Website Design with Cheddar


Subscription-based businesses are on a roll and it is expected its economy will only expand in the coming times. Driven by a new imperative at the consumer’s end that supports “Access over Ownership”, majority of the sectors at the scale are drifting towards paid subscription models. 

A recent report by Bloomberg confirms that:

  • 71% of adults from 12 countries have subscription services, which grew from 53% in 5 years
  • Roughly 26% of adults reported they have at least three subscription
  • 74% of adults are likely to subscribe to more services in the future.

And it’s not just about the digital products that are being sold for subscriptions. The likes of Amazon Prime subscription, offer quicker deliveries, and added discounts to the user making this concept a widely popular trend among service providers.

With that in mind, the PHP development team at The Brihaspati Infotech helped setting up a Subscription-based website that makes the best use of Cheddar for all the major CMS platforms.

Cheddar Billing

Reference: GetCheddar

Subscription website development using Cheddar

Cheddar is a leading billing management software, solely designed to resolve complex billing patterns and managing them for good. The software is equipped to handle several subscription models and the pre-fixed schedules to fetch the charges.

Cheddar offers APIs to help establish similar billing portals across all the major CMS and e-commerce platforms. Business owners can let their users pay them smaller amounts for the services instead of owning their products as a whole. Your customers will only pay for the services they ask for. This leaves you with an option to upsell more extensions in exchange for additional costs. This a win-win situation for both ends.

Cheddar API is right there helping you to sell your services with effective recurring payments and zero hassles. But then again, the API is supposed to pass just data from the Cheddar database to your website. Deep down there is still a need to manage the data and organize the information. That’s where our tool comes into play. Just name the platform you are selling it, and our subscription website design with Cheddar avails you the desired control over paid services and plans.

Flexible Pricing Plans

The best part about Cheddar is the large variety of pricing plans it comes with-in terms of schedules, services, and prices. The billing management software makes purchases that vary from daily payments to biennial payments offering the desired flexibility to your services.

Pricing plans

In the picture above, we have three plans based on the services they provide. The customer can select any per their needs. The process is followed by selecting a Billing Cycle that varies between a day to 2 years. The prices vary accordingly. Larger the Billing cycle, more is the charges. The following screenshot confirms the prices set for various plans and their variants:

Pricing plan variantsIf we can look closely We find two broadly classified plans- Level 1 and Level2 which have further sub-variants based on the billing cycle they serve:

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Semi-Annually
  • Yearly

The plans are set at Cheddar by default and are identified by the unique Cheddar Code. The plans are immutable and follow the default plans right from Cheddar.

Upsell and Discounts

Developing a subscription-based website design with Cheddar opens you to sell more products from your vault. You can pitch your users for additional services and can charge them for that. Being centrally availed by Cheddar, the newly added services are favored on the website much like the existing ones.

In the image below, we can find added services like SSL and IDX search. The prices are subjected to change per the Subscription plan of the user.

Add on items

Similarly, custom subscription website development using Cheddar gives you straight access to the discount coupons defined by Cheddar. Being approved by the Billing management software, the discount coupons are redeemable in a click. 

The coupon codes are again immutable and can be updated only from the original Cheddar website. Cheddar calls it “Promotions” and so is the data imported to the website.  

Discounts on subscription base website with Cheddar

The API fetches the Promotion Name, the code, the Discount offered, and the validity from the Cheddar database. Customers can redeem the discount benefits at the time of purchasing. The portal pitches the coupons right away.

The site owner isn’t allowed to create plans of his own or tamper with the default benefits and pricing. However, the admin can customize the plan names and the rest per their needs.

Pricing plan details

The admin can customize the plan name, the description and the image using the tool per their convenience. They can create custom bundles for their users.

Tracking Customer status

That forms an essential feature for the subscription-based web design. While the features above essentially make it possible to create and manage the plans, it is equally important to understand the status of the user’s subscription. The site owner should be aware of the existing subscribers, plan expiration, and the payment status.

We accumulated the data in a more organized pattern where the admin can keep a check on his customers with zero hassles. The panel saves showcases details like Customer name, Renewal date, Billing Status, and the Cheddar ID. 

With that many features, subscription-based website design with Cheddar is a success allowing the site owners to keep a track of their subscribers and managing them effectively.

Our experience with Subscription-based web design

The current blog speaks of how our expert WordPress developers led to the development of a subscription-based website on WordPress. However, being independently developed in a PHP atmosphere, the application can find an easy fit across all the platforms (CMS and E-commerce) allowing the site owners to make the best of their subscription business. 

With 10+ years of industrial experience, The Brihaspati Infotech has helped the clients to meet custom business needs and helping them make a mark in their verticals. In one of the recent blogs, we have talked about Video Community Membership Site where members are offered access to videos in exchange for their paid membership. The members can create a community within the website and can do more. 

Summing it up

The advantages of developing a subscription-based web design with Cheddar are numerous. Opening yourself to a more organized and automated payment channel is just one. Allowing your customers to purchase only for the services they will use makes your service a more thoughtful business.

If your business also requires a recurring payment module or a way to integrate with leading automated billing software, you can contact us. Our developers can avail you of a customized version of this tool in far lesser time and cost.

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