Developing Custom Web and Mobile App Solution for Local Businesses


Managing businesses have become way easier since the advent of computers. Like who would have imagined shopping online a couple of decades back if the likes of Amazon hadn’t shown up with that success rate? And, it’s not just the commerce that has benefited from online management, as nearly every other business owner is keen on digitizing their local businesses.

However, managing everything on the systems doesn’t come this easy. We have numerous automation tools for specific job roles like ERP tool, Marketing tool, invoicing software, project management software and more. And, managing them all burdens your available resources. 

According to Hubspot,  82% are still losing hours a week due to managing different technologies

The tools developed to enhance our productivity at workspaces aren’t much to help. 

At this, leading third party web and app development agencies come up with custom-designed tools that collaborate all the needed functions under a centralized management system. In other words, an “end to end software solution”.

End-to-End software solution: An introduction

An end to end software solution is a term associated with a system that addresses all the needs and processes of your business with a centralized panel. It meets the needs of the business owners and the intermediate employees helping them to stay on the same page. The various business positions can have an organized platform that can track the users, like sharing the same screen, helping them to attain a more transparent and productive business tool.

On a similar note, The Brihaspati Infotech was approached to render a custom-designed tool that fits in for multiple job roles in an organization. Going the extra mile, we delivered a complete end-to-end solution that serves the users and the managers alike on nearly every device possible.

Our complete End-to-End software solution for an effective Golf Course management

Our client is a leader when it comes to managing Golf courses across the nation. The company offers discount cards for the Golfers which can be redeemed at any Golf course of their choice.

The business model comprises more than 800 Golf courses throughout Canada giving the Golfers enough options to choose from.

Summing that up, the management tool renders the following options:

1. Ability to locate the Golf course on any device
2. Ability to buy Golf card subscriptions
3. A system that can readily redeem the unique membership card

Prioritizing the things up, we designed the software to resolve one feature at a time.

Searching Golf courses

The Golf course portal currently comprises more than 800 courses across the country. To ease the search, we have smart filters that locate them visually on the Google Map.

The Golfers can search them based on the locality or by the exact name. The search recommendations at the left have an added feature to display the approximate discount offers.

Find golf course

The Golf course search section is backed by Google Map API. We modified the library to track the pin-point location of the golf course. The users can locate all the golf courses in their proximity to the current offers.

On mobile phones, the feature is richer. The Golfers can locate the Golf course and the app guides them in real-time.

Locate golf course on mobile

Purchase Golf cards

An experienced Golfer breaks up his annual expenditure on Golf as:

Golfer bill

It is easily recognizable that a majority of the cost is spent on Greens Fees. And that is one reason, this game seems discouraging for the beginners. 

Third-party Golf course marketing platforms, like the one we developed, help the users save huge costs. 

All they need to do is purchase a universal subscription and they will be given easy access across 800+ Golf courses. The subscription on the platform offers a 50% discount on the actual Green fees on any Golf course added with other custom benefits, saving the Golfers thousands of dollars a year.

The Golfers can easily register and purchase Golf cards from the portal.

The Golfer is immediately issued a Golf card as the confirmation along with a unique Card Number:

Generating Golf card number

The Golfer can show this Card number at the Golf courses to redeem the discount.

Understanding the complex interaction between online payment and token generation, we looked out for a robust payment gateway that could carry out multiple tasks with zero hassles. Bambora was the name.

Integrating Bambora Payment gateway for managing tokens

Bambora is known for the room it provides for unique business-oriented customizations. The new age payment gateway provider offers a highly flexible API that integrates with any platform to render the much-needed functions.

We customized the API for generating tokens at every transaction. The result, every Golfer, receives a unique 8-digit Card number while purchasing a Golf Card. Bambora uses the Payment Info from the Customer’s browser and initiates the coupon.

Token generation with Bambora payment gateway

The biggest benefit we offered with an end to end solution showed up here. As the core of the system was common for all the roles it was easier for us to communicate between them. The token generated at the user’s end was easier to redeem at the Golf course staff’s end.

The Bambora payment gateway works a two-way channel for both the ends- the user as well as the Golf course. At one end while it generates a token as the Golf card, it also lets the Golf course owners read them with zero conflicts. As a result, both the Golfers as well as the Golf courses are charged, as promised on the portal.

The Golf course staff have a separate system, like POS, that can read the Card Number to avail Golfers with the said discount.

Redeem coupons at the Golf course

More personalized notifications

Reaching out to the right customer is as important as expanding your reach. The golden rule says, the more you can push personalized notifications, the more chances you create for a conversion.

We jotted down the primary customer behaviors and tracked them for pitching further advertisements. The admins can control this part to ensure that the right customer is being approached with the notification.

Based on that, we have categories like:

  • The city and province they hail from
  • The Golf course they redeemed from
  • Their login time
  • The status of the card (for subscription renewal)
Send Push Notification

The advanced filters eventually help to pitch the right audience.

This part cuts short manual efforts of the Golf owners to select their customers and remind them of the upcoming discounts. With our custom Golf Management tool, admins can narrow down their audience eventually increasing the conversion chances.

Challenges faced while rendering the features:

The Golf course management business involved a variety of user roles. It included the Business owner, Golf course owners, their staff and users under a fixed Golf course franchisee.

  • Plus, the software had to serve multiple platforms in a go:
  • The user is most likely to use mobile phones to locate the ground and show his Golf Card at the Golf course
  • The Golf course Staff is most likely to use a POS system (preferably tablet or desktop) to redeem the card
  • The admin would like to control everything with ease on his desktop.

Managing role oriented permissions

We defined the roles of each level followed by defining roles of subsequent channels.

  • The Super Admin panel has access to every user and can control every activity of the users
  • The Golf Course admin panel that allows the Golf course owners to introduce Golf course staff members and manage the discount offers.
  • Parallel Golf course admins cannot access the staff members of other golf course franchisees.
  • The Golf course staff members can redeem the offers availed to the Golfers.
  • The Golfers can purchase Golf cards and can show the saved card to the staff.
Golf course management

The Super Admin has full control over the permissions granted to each role. He can add new admins and assign permissions. He has the freedom to change the roles of the users if needed.

Staff Account

The admin under this category has limited access. They can do limited tasks like redeeming offers.

Full Admin account

The admin under this category, as the name suggests, has full control over all the features in the model. They can control the Staff and can update their roles.

Controlling Role permissions

As the screenshot explains, we have a user named Tiger with the access of a “Limited Staff Account”. However, the Super admin can update the permissions at any time.

React Native ensures a uniform cross-platform experience

As far as managing the system from a single hub is concerned, one of the biggest challenges was to align the three entirely different platforms:

1. The desktop version of the custom golf course management software.
2. The Android version
3. The iOS version

Any glitch or misalignment in the future was defying our concept of an ideal “end-to-end software”.

We came up with the idea of designing the mobile app with React Native. Going with the approach, we were able to save time in writing and testing the applications across all the mobile app platforms easily. Using a common controller ensured on-time delivery of the project along with effortless development.

The client now has a complete web and mobile app solution that is accessible across all the platforms rendering 24×7 access to the management software for both the ends- the admins, as well as end-users.

Our experience at developing a complete Web and Mobile app solution

Over time, The Brihaspati Infotech has been approached by several local businesses to effectively digitize their management. We have talked about a similar Restaurant Seat booking app development before. The custom-designed React native based solution made it easier for the admins to manage the restaurants, pre-book schedules and offer discount coupons centrally. Much like the Golf course management software, the restaurant reservation system is a full-fledged end to end solution letting the users book with the native app and the admins can manage them all with desktop.

Summing it up

With an end to end software solution for local business, owners can provide a flawless and uniform cross-platform user experience. The added benefits include a well-organized system that is highly transparent and trackable at your end.

Expert developers for web and app development can provide you with custom solutions that fit in your business pretty well. Above all, they always have patent layouts that can be modified and readily customized to meet unique business needs.
You can contact us if your business also needs similar tailor-made solutions.