YGL with WordPress Integration

YGL with WordPress Integration

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A YGL (You Got Listings) is a separate database for Real Estate technology. YGL offers the best rentals software for brokers and landlords to maximize exposure and close rentals.

It benefits Brokers with following features :

  • Ad posting and distribution to a dozen websites. Also with professional Ad templates.

  • Connect with local landloards and other real estate professionals to share their listings

  • Helps user to design a website with turn key solution, easy to use, customise design and comprehensive SEO.

  • Helps to stay organised rental data i.e. comprehensive listing database, leads management and Deals tracking.

  • With the help of complete mobile office function, data can be assessed from anywhere using iphone or Android App.

  • Helps to pull credit reports securely and conveniently when needed.

Moreover, YGL also help Landloards to maximise their properties exposure having coordination with local brokers by :

  • Sending Properties information to Brokers.

  • Keeping Brokers Updated

  • Full control over access to property.

  • Only approved brokers can access properties.

Any third party owner can registered with YGL and can create a database with detailed information and specifications for sale, purchase or to rent their property.

We at The Brihaspati Infotech (TBI)‘ motivated to ensure our customer’s business fully equipped with the latest, innovative and highly efficient system. To fulfill their business motives, our experienced and committed team compiled various exceptional and efficient APIs for their continuous business success.

We have created YGL API, to collect information from third party owners who have registered and created their database on YGL and finally integrated it with wordpress plugin. This innovative YGL with wordpress Integration can be a perfect trendsetter for the future real estate business.

Technical Aspects of ‘YGL with WordPress Integration’


We have hit YGL ‘url’ with ‘curl’ to get the requisite parameters with

YGL Code.

Also, the last 10-15 lines of coding are used to insert or delete the listings in the database.

An Ouput Array for the coding is shown below:


At TBI, we are dedicated to create and supply some outstanding softwares or plugins to help your real estate business to achieve an exponential growth. We are always inspired to serve customers with the best of our experience and skills either it could be a small service or a full technical support.

For any of technical query or to learn more information about how your business can explore from ‘YGL with WordPress integration’, you are always welcome to contact our expert team at TBI.

You may  Reach us or email at [email protected]