InJoy Global Gamified Platform Driving Employee Wellbeing

  • EdTech
  • Full stack
  • Gamified Coaching
  • Mobile Apps
  • Software / SAAS

Project Overview

InJoy Global— a renowned ed-tech company in Los Angeles. They provide psychology-driven learning management solutions to individuals and businesses such as Irvin Company, NASA, and Zodiac Aerospace and more.

They approached TBI with a specific goal: equipping professional coaches, speakers, and trainers to convert content into gamified challenges for enhanced learning outcomes.

TBI’s creative house brainstormed ideas and proposed building a virtual coaching platform for everyone. It will help individuals to drive effective learning while aiding companies to develop their workforce.

  • Client InJoy Global
  • Industry Edtech

Tech Stack

  • Technology Laravel/React JS/Mobile Apps
  • 3rd-Party Integrations Send Grid/Zapier/ThriveCart
  • Database MySQL

Action Plan

Our team leveraged the latest in gamification and neuroscience to build a robust, full-stack SaaS solution for InJoy Global. We built a web-based solution for desktop users and mobile apps for Android and Apple devices, expanding the market reach.

Our agile development includes regular sprints and retrospective sessions to foster collaboration and continuous improvement. We have conceptualized the solution around four fundamentals:

Intuitive Dashboard

Gamified Learning

Standard Features

Analytics & Reporting

By fostering a more engaging and rewarding coaching experience, the platform attracts new leads and converts them into loyal clients. Let’s dive in and look into the details:

Intuitive Dashboard

TBI designed an intuitive dashboard, streamlining learning program creation, management, and delivery.

User Interface (UI) DesignWe created a clean and intuitive user-friendly layout that displays key metrics:

  • Number of created challenges
  • Active challenges
  • User participation (participants, completions)
  • Revenue generated
  • Performance reports
  • Upcoming events

Leveraging visual design principles, we facilitated simplified navigation for admins. We integrated with different data sources within the platform to retrieve and present real-time information. We added interactive elements such as clickable charts.

Personalized DashboardWe built an intuitive dashboard that empowers admins to personalize the look and feel of the app.

We created custom options:

  • Granular Color Control: Admins can fine-tune the color scheme of various dashboard elements: banners, borders, buttons, and text.
  • Implemented real-time preview feature ( “Preview My App”) for admins to review and save the customized dashboard.

Challenge CreationWe created a feature for content creators or business owners to manage challenges.

  • Challenge Creation: This allows admins to define new challenges with relevant details.
  • Challenge Replication: This enables admins to create new challenges by copying the details of existing ones.

SaaS Platform FeaturesThis is a dedicated corner for admins.

We created Daily Inspiration, Community Wall, Personal Journals, and similar features to encourage continued participation in challenges.

This enabled admins to

  • Created more happy participants.
  • Improved engagement and drive work productivity.
  • Developed a positive corporate culture.

We created a coach’s corner, enabling participants to connect with their coach.

Our team built a community section, enabling users to express gratitude while completing the challenge.

Gamified Learning

Our team emphasized gamifying the learning experience. We added different gamification elements throughout, making it a fascinating learning experience for everyone.

OnboardingWe implemented gamified onboarding, enabling admins

  • To introduce their challenge to the new hires.
  • To upload media content to exchange with new hires.
  • To prepare a survey form.

We kept the user interface neat and clean, helping admins focus on introducing the challenge.

SchedulingWe developed a dedicated calendar interface for admins to schedule challenges.

  • Integrated a pre-built third-party calendar library to render the calendar interface.
  • Implemented date and time pickers for selecting start and end dates and the registration window.
  • Utilized time zone database to access and display different time zones.

BrandingWe provided multiple customization tools that enable content creators to build branded content within the app.

  • Integrated media management system for file uploads, storage, background images, and other visual assets.
  • Integrated design tools to apply custom color palettes to text and design elements.
  • Implemented templating system to select and customize existing templates.

PrizesWe created a prize feature that enables content creators to incentivize participation.

  • Utilized a database to store prize details, including type, image, and description.
  • Leveraged secure file upload functionality to upload images.

It adds another layer of gamification, celebrating members’ success within the platform.

Challenge Completion PageWe created a page to express gratitude to participants for completing their challenge.

  • Integrated video hosting platforms to facilitate media embedding.
  • Used dashboard API to retrieve personalized performance data for each participant.
  • Integrated a third-party survey tool to collect and analyze feedback.
  • Used report generation engine for creating downloadable reports based on participant data.

These features build a sense of community for content creators and participants.

Analytics & Reporting

As admins, you will have access to the performance of challenge participants.

Dedicated Leaderboard We created a personalized leaderboard that displays points earned by participants during the challenge. Stay at the top of the challenge by checking the weekly results.

IntegrationWe enable admins to integrate the My Challenge Creator app with popular email marketing services like MailChimp. Simple and quick, it won’t take more than a few minutes to amplify your business solution.

Result: A Gamified Solution for Content Creators & Corporates

The virtual learning platform has been a huge success for the company. Rated high on Google and Apple stores, the apps are widely used by independent coaches and companies such as Irvin Company, NASA, and Zodiac Aerospace.

My Challenge Creator platform has helped create positive change and build a productive workforce: increased employee engagement and reduced turnover.

We will continue to provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the platform’s smooth operation and adapt to future needs. If you are an independent content creator or looking for employee engagement solutions, speak with one of our representatives.

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