Whisky Club Scales Up with Shopify Plus Migration

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  • Shopify

Project Overview

Flaviar — a leading club for whiskey and premium spirits in the US and most European countries. A renowned brand, the company has an expanding inventory of more than 1.5K premium products.

The company’s sluggish website and old-fashioned checkout impacted online performance with cart abandonment rates rising to 60%. It wasn’t a good sign given the business expansion plan in the future.

When consulted, our development team conducted a thorough website audit and brainstormed solutions, recommending a migration to Shopify Plus. The solution contributed to improving the speed and user-friendliness of Flaviar’s store.

  • Client Flaviar
  • Industry Ecommerce

Tech Stack

  • CMS Shopify Plus
  • 3rd-Party Integrations Affirm/Ordergroove
  • Database MySQL

Action Plan

We prepared a detailed roadmap to migrate the Flaviar store from Magento to Shopify Plus without affecting business continuity and SEO. The migration includes transferring product data, customer information, order history, and other critical data to Shopify Plus.

At TBI, our developers follow an agile methodology, breaking the migration process into manageable sprints. This ensures rapid adaptation of client feedback and iterative improvements for driving favorable results.

We narrowed down our Shopify solutions to four fundamental areas.

Magento to Shopify Plus Migration

Custom Shopify Theme

Custom Shopify Features

Payment Gateway Integration

Each of these solutions has been instrumental in driving Flaviar toward continued success on the Shopify Plus platform. Let’s dive in and look into the details:

Data Migration from Magento to Shopify Plus

Flaviar’s migration from Magento to Shopify Plus involved a meticulous approach to safe and secure data transfer. We conducted a detailed audit and implemented the backup of Magento store data (>1.5K) securely.

The data includes

  • Product information

    Product names, descriptions, images, pricing, inventory levels, and variations (e.g., size, color).

  • Product Categories

    Category names, category URLs, and category descriptions.

  • Order details

    Order information, including products purchased, quantities, prices, and customer details.

  • Customer details

    Customer names, email addresses, shipping addresses, and order history.

  • Store configuration

    General settings, product settings, customer settings, shipping settings, and theme customization.

  • SEO Data

    Meta tags, meta description, keywords, and URLs.

Custom CSV Preparation

For Flaviar’s store data migration, we prioritized a secure and efficient approach.

  • Custom CSV Preparation: We structured and formatted Flaviar’s product data into optimized CSV files for importing using Shopify’s Store Importer.
  • SEO Preservation: We maintained existing SEO elements associated with product information such as product descriptions and titles.

Custom Shopify Features

We created Shopify features that cater to Flaviar’s unique requirements and future upgrades.

Custom Auto-Detection

We’ve implemented a clever feature that automatically detects shoppers’ location (US or Europe).

  • Access relevant results

    Shoppers will see products, promotions, and even shipping information that’s specific to their region.

  • Improved customer satisfaction

    We created a location-aware shopping experience that simplifies it for local shoppers.

Custom Search Functionality

We created a custom search function, elevating the search experience to the next level. Search by keywords with results populating suggestions plus a corresponding image with a page link.

  • Easily scan results
  • identify products without browsing the site
  • Order fast, save your time
Custom Discounts

We created tiered discounts based on the account type. This provides users the flexibility to shop at Flaviar.

  • Black Membership: Access the ultimate shopping experience— special pricing, free shipping on most orders, & access to limited-edition products.
  • Legacy: Enjoy free spirit benefits and unlimited free shipping on qualifying orders!
  • Free: Access the free account and continue shopping.
  • Non-Registered: Shop as a guest and enjoy a seamless shopping experience.

Custom Shopify Theme Development

At TBI, we don’t just build themes, we create experiences that last. We prepared a blueprint, outlining the major parts of custom Shopify theme development for Flaviar.

Theme Architecture and Liquid Development

  • We leveraged Liquid’s dynamic capabilities to create custom product listings with unique information hierarchies.
  • We built themes with a focus on clean code and modular components.
  • We integrated with Shopify’s data model and APIs, ensuring product information, collections, and shopping cart data populate accurately throughout the store.
Engineered Shoppers Journey Via UX Design

  • We designed an intuitive navigation system, catering to your target audience’s browsing behavior.
  • Our Shopify Plus developers implemented subtle animations and interactive elements like product quick-view to engage shoppers.
  • We emphasize mobile-friendly Shopify solutions — optimized page load times, responsive layouts, and user interface elements.
Optimized Shopify Theme

  • For performance-driven Flaviar’s custom theme, we created clean, modular code.
  • We optimized product images, improving the page loading speed.
  • We leveraged caching to minimize data load on repeat visits, boosting user experience.

Affirm Payment Gateway Integration 

We implemented the Affirm payment gateway into the checkout process for black members to

  • Enjoy flexible payment options: Control your spending and opt for ‘Pay Later’ or ‘Instalment’ plans.
  • Access smooth & effortless transactions: The intuitive interface enables easy checkout and reduced cart abandonment rates.
  • Build trust and brand loyalty: A trusted name in the payment industry.

Flaviar offers credit card payment options for general members, providing a smooth and secure checkout experience.

Result: Successful Magento to Shopify Plus Migration for Whisky Club

Our Shopify developers successfully migrated the Flaviar store from Magento to Shopify Plus. All thanks to our meticulous planning and execution. We created a new, hyper-personalized, look for the Flaviar store without affecting their business.

Over the next 6-12 months, we noticed an increase in black membership and annual sales as the online brand became popular among corporates. The client was happy with the overall online response and results.

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