SaaS Solution Elevates Gatsby’s Influencer Game

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Project Overview

Gatsby — a popular platform that helps retail merchants source and manage micro-influencers and brand ambassadors. Gatsby is a big brand with ambitious plans to help online stores accelerate customer engagement and reduce customer acquisition costs.

Gatsby trusted TBI’s expertise in SaaS platform development to automate influencer marketing and ambassador marketing programs. We proposed a SaaS solution that enables Gatsby clients to personalize influencer marketing strategies for sales growth.

TBI continues to support Gatsby’s product lifecycle for future upgrades and redefine influencer marketing for valuable results.

  • Client Gatsby
  • Industry Influencer Marketing

Tech Stack

  • Technology React JS/Node JS
  • 3rd-Party Integrations Klaviyo/Zapier/Yotpo/Stamped and 40 more
  • Database PostgreSQL

Action Plan

Upon collaboration, TBI studied Gatsby’s vision for scaling influencer and ambassador marketing automation for all brands. We suggested building a SaaS tool for connecting Gatsby clients with growing brand influencers.

Our agile team narrowed down key functionalities and user requirements, ensuring the platform drives value for Gatsby clients. We divided the plan into four parts:

Scalable SaaS Solution

Public Shopify App

40+ Integrations – Klavio, and more

Every part, of the plan, has been instrumental in driving Gatsby toward measurable success. Let’s dive in and look into the details:

SaaS Solution

A robust SaaS platform was built that connects shopify merchants with customers turned brand influencers to work together.

Influencer Management and Insights

Gatsby’s SaaS solution prioritizes robust influencer data management, incorporating intuitive features.

  • Auto Replies:

    Introduced an in-app chat feature for smooth communication between merchants and influencers using Instagram, TikTok, or other platforms.

  • Media Management:

    Dedicated feature that enables merchants to monitor campaign-related media content within the app.

  • Actionable Insights:

    Monitor the performance of each influencer marketing campaign during a specific time range.

Coupon/Discount Management

A discount feature was created that generates unique coupon codes for influencer marketing campaigns such as bulk discounts and coupons.

  • API Access & Webhooks:

    Leveraged APIs to connect discount systems with other platforms.

  • Tag Team:

    Utilized tags to ensure shoppers get relevant discounts, driving brand sales.

  • Trigger & Rules:

    Set meaningful triggers that activate discounts based on specific events (e.g., abandoned cart).

  • Template:

    Utilized pre-built discount templates to create new discounts with a consistent structure.

Profile Management

We created a feature for store merchants to manage their brand influencer base.

  • Check the list of social media profiles
  • Track engagement of social media handles such as the following, likes, and comments
  • Monitor content posted tagging campaign-specific brands (e.g. Insta posts and reels)
  • Import/export profiles for other business purposes

Shopify App Development

In the next stage, a public Shopify app was built for Gatsby. It helps retail merchants convert enthusiastic customers into potential brand ambassadors during checkout.

Authentication and User Management

  • Setting up the OAuth flow:

    Configured your Gatsby app to interact with Shopify’s OAuth API.

  • Handling redirects:

    Implemented code to manage frequent redirects between the Gatsby app and Shopify during authorization.

  • Exchanging code for tokens:

    Created logic to exchange the temporary authorization code for a long-lasting access token from Shopify’s API.

  • User Management Logic:

    Introduced functionalities for user login, logout, and account management features within the Gatsby app.

Data Integration and Storefront Customization

  • Data Retrieval:

    Leveraged the Shopify Admin API to retrieve essential data (e.g. Product Information, Customer Details, and Cart information) for your Gatsby storefront.

  • Reusable Components:

    We built reusable components within your Gatsby app to display the fetched data from Shopify.

  • Layout Design:

    Engineered layout that resonates with the look and feel of your Gatsby storefront.

Created Ambassador Signup Page on Checkout

  • Checkout Integration:

    Our robust mechanism filters potential ambassadors during the checkout process.

  • Signup Form Design:

    We built a user-friendly signup form within the checkout page. This form captures essential information for the ambassador program, such as:

    • Customer email id
    • Special media handles (Instagram and TikTok)
  • Data Validation and Storage:

    Implemented logic to validate user input within the signup form.

Integrations with Klavio, Stamped, and 40+ service providers

We integrated Gatsby’s Shopify app with more than 40 top service providers to help merchants scale influencer marketing and ambassador programs.


Leveraged Gatsby-plugin-klaviyo to integrate Klaviyo’s functionalities directly into Gatsby’s storefront to capture customer data and seek consent for email/SMS marketing.

Leveraged custom rules within Stamped and an API connection between Gatsby and Stamped to incentivize influencer partnerships and reward brand advocates.


Set up a Zap and configured a trigger that initiates the data transfer process. On the Gatsby front, we created a webhook endpoint (URL) and mapped the data fields from the form submission (trigger).


Leveraged the gatsby-plugin-attentive plugin to integrate Gatsby with Attentive. This enables embedding Attentive signup forms, capturing social media handles, and tracking user behavior.

Leveraging data sources like headless CMS systems, APIs, or databases, our team effectively manages various integrations within the Gatsby app.

Result: Gatsby Merchants Build Thriving Brand Community with SaaS Tool

Gatsby’s industry-leading SaaS platform empowers brands to manage a growing community of brand influencers and drive powerful marketing campaigns. Their advanced analytics helped 100+ brands multiply their brand influencer base by two times in 6 months.

The public Gatsby app, developed and deployed by TBI, was rated 5 stars with 100+ positive reviews on the Shopify store. Our team is constantly innovating to strengthen Gatsby’s position as the go-to platform for building brand influencers and advocates.

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