Extreme Performance Gets Headless Boost

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Project Overview

Extreme Performance is a wholesale supplier of branded wheels, tires, and performance parts & accessories. The US store’s performance suffered due to the sheer volume of products and their complex variations.

Upon consultation, TBI proposed a headless commerce implementation with custom database approach. Our eCommerce solution separates the front-end from the back-end commerce engine, offering greater flexibility and scalability to manage bulk inventory.

Going Headless helped Extreme Performance website load faster, resulting in seamless shopping and sales conversions.

  • Client Extreme Performance
  • Industry Automotive

Tech Stack

  • Technology React JS/Node JS
  • 3rd-Party Integrations Turn14/Wheel Pros/Wheels One
  • Database PostgreSQL

Action Plan

TBI’s Headless experts studied the website and identified critical performance bottlenecks, including slow website loading speed and large product catalog (400K+)

Our agile development team employed a modern tech stack and iterative approach to deliver a highly functional and scalable online store. To achieve these goals, we identified six core technical areas:

Front-End Development with React

Custom Database Approach

API Integration

Advanced Product Search

Backend Development in BigCommerce

Headless Store Optimization

These components were instrumental in achieving project goals. Let’s take a closer look at the development journey.

Front-End Development with React

We built the front end using React for its component-based architecture and virtual DOM (Document Object Model). Our React developers translated UI/UX designs into a functional and interactive user interface.

  • UI/UX Design

    We translated design mockups into functional React components that resonate with the designer’s vision.

  • UI Development

    We streamlined user interactions throughout the shopping journey using React’s event-handling mechanisms. Built reusable React components such as buttons, forms, product cards, etc using React capabilities.

  • Manage application state

    We leveraged React’s state management libraries like Redux to maintain the UI such as product information as shoppers browse.

  • Performance Optimization

    We implemented code-splitting to optimize initial page load times and deliver responsive user experience across multiple devices.

Custom Database System Approach

Extreme Performance’s MySQL database buckled under a massive 400,000+ product inventory. We built a scalable custom database system to effectively manage an expanding product catalog.

Our custom solution helped drive

  • Store Performance

    We optimized the database schema and query structure for quick response to customer queries through the extensive product catalog.

  • Product Flexibility

    We configured the database to accommodate specific data requirements such as extra product attributes and customer-specific data points.

  • Secure Experience

    We implemented robust security measures to safeguard sensitive customer and product information within the custom database.

API Integrations as Credible Data Source  

We used API integrations from reputable sources — Wheel Pros, Simple Tire, Turn14, Rohana Wheels, and more, enhancing the seamless exchange of data.

  • API Identification and Selection

    We identified the crucial APIs required for data exchange between various systems.

  • Data Transformation Pipelines

    We implemented robust data transformation pipelines to exchange complex data structures and data formats between different systems.

  • Error Handling

    We created error-handling mechanisms to identify and address any potential issues during API communication.

Advanced Product Search Solutions

Our front-end team (UI/UX designers) built a faceted search feature on the banner section.

We created multiple filter fields, each corresponding to a specific product/brand attribute (e.g., vehicle year, make, model, type).

This feature enables shoppers to shorten their product discovery journey by applying filters based on key product attributes.

  • Access relevant results

    Shoppers will see products, promotions, and even shipping information that’s specific to their region.

  • Improved customer satisfaction

    We created a location-aware shopping experience that simplifies it for local shoppers.

Vehicle Search Driven by Product Taxonomy + Keywords

Our headless team engineered a robust search functionality that catered to users with varying levels of product knowledge.

  • Keywords-Driven Search: We implemented search suggestions that dynamically appeared as users typed in their keywords.
  • Taxonomy-Driven Search: We integrated faceted search filters, corresponding to the product taxonomy.

Our hybrid solution created an intuitive experience for shoppers, narrowing down their options on the headless store.

Backend Development in BigCommerce

Our BigCommerce team built a backend infrastructure that optimizes every stage of the buying journey.

Product Management

We created and managed product category pages including detailed descriptions, adding custom variants, media content uploads, and inventory levels.

  • Customer Management

    We managed all customer data in a centralized location, including purchase history, contact information, and preferences.

  • Order Management

    We developed custom scripts and integrations to automate order fulfillment and configured built-in communication channels to share order status and delivery times to customers.

  • Guest Checkout Option

    We leveraged BigCommerce’s pre-built, optimized one-page checkout for a fast and frictionless shopping experience.

  • Payment Gateway Integration

    We integrated a secure payment gateway like Affirm, fostering trust in your brand.

Headless Store Optimization

We spearheaded a comprehensive SEO campaign to optimize the headless store performance and ensure proper indexing by Google. Our digital marketers provide ongoing services for keeping Extreme Performance at the top.

  • Keyword Research

We conducted detailed competitor research to identify relevant keywords for Extreme Performance.

  • Content Optimization

    We organically integrated throughout the website content, including product descriptions, blog posts, and meta tags.

  • Technical SEO Optimization

    We conducted the website’s technical SEO audit, identifying and fixing crawling or indexing issues— sitemap, broken links, and website loading speed.

  • Performance Monitoring and Reporting

    Leveraged Google Search Console and other analytics tools to monitor and maintain website performance as part of on-going tech support.

Result: Extreme Performance Speeds Up with Headless

Our headless e-commerce solutions delivered transformative results for Extreme Performance. Within 6-8 months of implementing the headless solution, our reputed US client reported a significant sales boost of 300%. 

We monitored positive trends in key website performance metrics, including organic traffic, unique visitors, and average session duration.

Our partnership with Extreme Performance goes beyond achieving impressive numbers. We’ve created valuable suggestions for upgrading their headless store, offering them a roadmap for continued growth.

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