The Rise of ½ Price Movers To Digital Success

  • Laravel
  • Wordpress

Project Overview

1/2 Price Movers — a seasoned NY moving business with 50+ years of experience in the Tri-State area. The client was unsatisfied with the website and struggled to effectively address customer calls from a growing number of service locations.

Upon consultation, TBI studied its long-term business goals and futuristic vision in the Tri-State area. Our team suggested building a new, content-rich website for multiplying conversions and a scalable business tool for lead management.

As a result, the company acquired potential sales leads from targeted locations and received 100+ positive reviews online from customers.

  • Client 1/2 Price Movers
  • Industry Service

Tech Stack

  • Technology WordPress/Laravel
  • 3rd-Party Integrations RingCentral/Plivo
  • Database MySQL

Action Plan

Our team conducted a detailed SEO audit of the company’s website and found multiple bottlenecks, including poor UI/UX and weak information architecture, impacting lead generation.

Their continued growth meant addressing an increasing volume of service requests, crew scheduling, and customer interactions in the Tri-State area. We thus suggested a business automation tool to efficiently manage the evolving business needs.

Our agile team handled each business solution, driving successful project completion within budget and timeframe.

CRO-Friendly WordPress Website Development

Business Automation Tool for Lead Management

Our meticulous planning and implementation helped the client achieve the expected business outcomes. Let’s dive in and look into the details:

CRO-Friendly WordPress Web Development

Our WordPress team in consultation with digital marketing experts worked throughout the website development cycle.

Information Architecture & Site Navigation

A clean and intuitive information hierarchy was engineered, helping users find what they’re looking for. We also built a user-friendly navigation system to help users access relevant information in fewer steps.

Location-specific pages and content

We built dedicated website pages for each location, showcasing services offered—Residential Moving, Packing Service, Moving Supplies, Piano Moving, and other relevant information.

  • Staten Island
  • Brooklyn
  • Queens
  • Manhattan
  • The Bronx
  • Long Island
  • New Jersey

Each location page is internally linked with dedicated pages of its closest neighborhoods. This helps Google find, index, and understand all the pages, contributing to higher rankings.

Visual Design and User Interface (UI)

Established a visual style guide that aligns with brand identity and user preferences. It includes

  • Business logo
  • Selection of brand colors such as yellow
  • Creating images such as photos and illustrations that reflect the moving business brand personality

Our UX designers prepared intuitive user interfaces that prioritize user experience. The clean and clear sections with blank spaces work in favor of the company.

Custom UI Elements and Iconography

Based on user research findings and market standards, many custom UI elements were introduced:

  • Buttons:

    Clear and compelling CTAs driving clicks for conversions

  • Contact Us Forms:

    Created a form for fetching callers’ basic information

  • Virtual Call:

    Integrated RingCentral Integration for video conferencing

Map Integration

Leveraged Google Maps WordPress plugin for smooth integration with advanced features.

  • Built user-friendly interfaces
  • Introduced custom features like markers, directions, and location filtering.

This helps users find service areas and visualize moving routes.

Business Automation Tool

As the business started getting leads, we suggested a powerful dashboard to manage service orders across Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, and many more locations.

This intuitive platform streamlines lead management while driving efficiency for business operations, ultimately driving valuable business growth.

Let’s discuss the main elements of the dashboard:

Customer Management

  • Call Logs:

    Receive and process callers requests

  • Follow-up Monitoring:

    Track the status of the calls( resolved or for future reference)

  • Call Back:

    Reconnect with callers and acquire job details

  • Customer List:

    Catalog the customers with their correspondence details

  • Settle Claims:

    Create and track insurance claims—settled or unsettled

Manpower Management

  • Manpower List:

    List moving specialists working across the Tri-State area

  • Manpower Calendar:

    Determine the availability of movers/packers crew for jobs across Staten Island, Queens, and New Jersey

  • Assign Crew:

    Identify the location of the working crews via a geographical map

  • Sales Performance:

    Track the performance based on

    • No. of booked events
    • Revenue generated
    • Settled claims
Fleet & Logistics Management

  • Fleet List:

    Track the fleet of trucks available across the Tri-State area

  • Assign Times/Fleet:

    Reserve the vehicle for a specific moving job

  • Blocklisted Buildings:

    List prohibited areas for moving jobs

Service Order Management

  • Web Leads:

    Process potential sales leads received by filling out the Contact Us form

  • Create Job:

    Create and assign a job to the available team across the Tri-State area

  • Expense Management:

    Monitor extra expenses incurred while providing service

  • Job Orders:

    Update and track the status of every call made: Followup, Booked, and more

  • Units Management:

    Understand the job and its difficulty level

  • Confirmation:

    Look at the confirmation letter for the created jobs

Payroll Management

Payouts: Track daily, weekly, and monthly payouts for moving specialists across the Tri-State area

Payroll calculation based on working hours and overtime

Export payroll reports for business tax and analysis

Calendar management

View the monthly calendar and manage service calls.

  • Add new service location and expand your business
  • Set budget limits per month

  • Track the no. of booked events per month

Result: Automation Powers ½ Price Movers Success

½ Price Movers enjoys dominant positions for multiple local keywords across the Tri-State area. The company maintains industry-leading customer satisfaction (4.9 Google rating) and positive reviews across platforms (0% complaints on Forbes).

Leveraging business automation helped ½ Price Movers attain a whopping 2800+ encouraging customer reviews. Real-time crew tracking resulted in efficient resource allocation, potentially leading to faster service times and happier customers.

½ Price Movers continued success has contributed to their sustained popularity and lead generation, putting them in a solid market position.

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